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Mars Conjunct Midheaven MC

☌ You’re brave, enthusiastic and passionate. You rarely ever back down from what you want and set out to get what’s yours.

☌ Your career path is something you wish to forge with your own hands, so you’re extremely proud of your work and accomplishments.

☌ You’re not competitive, you are the competition. You don’t mind climbing up the mountain on your own, any opposition only makes you more determined to overcome them. 

☌ Hence, you’ll have to take one step at a time without jumping from one stage to the other since the higher you climb the more patience & diligence will be expected from you. 

☌ You are also quite temperamental when others stand in your way, even if they’re only critiquing. You don’t tolerate any negativity thrown your way especially since your passions are like an extension of yourself.

☌ Although you might have to keep your anger in check every now and then to allow loved ones and mentors to guide you through roadblocks that you might be bumping your head against.

☌ You have an almost unmatched stamina to keep going, so your profession might involve physically exhaustive work, or continuous schedules, strenuous long hours, that equally excite you. Since you don’t feel enthusiastic about things that don’t ignite a fire inside you, and you certainly won’t settle for jobs that don’t appreciate your skills & drive.

☌ There might be a tendency to intertwine your self-confidence with your professional success and vice versa, which can cause a lot of issues if not balanced with the right efforts to encourage both your self-esteem & productivity.

☌ You will also do well in leadership positions, or entrepreneurship, although working with others can cause compatibility issues since not many can keep up with your intense drive.

☌ You’ll likely be a trailblazer in your field of profession; an intimidating opponent & an inspiring personality to others; accomplishing one great goal after another; gaining acclaim, status and fame.

Mars Inconjunct/Quincunx Midheaven MC

This aspect highlights your need to prove yourself to others, which ends up upsetting the connection with others and yourself.

You are determined and confident but can also be aggressive in your approach to your career.

You might compete with others just to win against them or resent others when they see you as a competition. There’s this tendency of wanting to be above others yet not being able to accept the same if others have some sort of authority over you. 

You’re an inspiring person in your profession since you are capable of accomplishing great things through your sheer determination and hard work.

Yet you also despise admiration, especially from your own peers. You might automatically assume that they are ridiculing you or secretly competing with you, which might not always be the case.

So, your intense feelings of being attacked or cornered might just be manifestations of your insecurities and fear of being betrayed, over-thrown, dominated, & other power dynamic struggles.

As a result, you might present yourself as unapproachable to others, especially to those in your own profession. 

You might also get defensive about criticisms even those with good intentions. You might end up losing important people and connections as a result of your over-cautious mindset.

With time and maturity, you will realize how your defensiveness was putting up walls and keeping you trapped within. You might start to open up to others and gain discernment as to who is looking for a fight and who is genuinely showing their admiration.

You’ll likely accomplish great things inspiring many; learn how to quench your passionate drive for success; allow people in without suspicion of betrayal; gain respect, fame, status and honor in your successful career path. 

Mars Sextile Midheaven MC 

✱ You’re ambitious and you get what you want through your own hard work and dedication.

✱ You have the drive and determination to make steady progress on your career path, even if you have multiple opportunities you like to focus on one thing at a time.

✱ You are well-respected by your peers as a competent person in your professional field. You are also admired by many others for your work-ethic.

✱ You rarely ever slip-up on your plans, you take no slack from others who work with/for you either. 

✱ You’re bold and determined, you face obstacles head-on and win through them all. You uphold a level of integrity, even in the face of criticism (& ridicule), since you don’t attach ego to your work and are also pretty self-aware of your own capabilities so nobody can point fingers at you or manipulate (gaslight) you easily.  

✱ You’re well-known as a strong competitor, since you understand how healthy competition can motivate you. You also have a good-competitive-spirit through your wins and loses showcasing humility & inspiration to do better.

✱ You work best on your own passions, but you’re also humble enough to not intertwine your ego with your profession. This allows you to work well with others, even with power-struggles now and then.

✱ You have a good temper, you rarely give-in to anger or irritation. But you’re a force to be reckoned with when provoked unjustly. 

✱ You have a good sense of self and your goals; you know how to implement your skills & hard work into your projects without wasting any of your drive. 

✱ You’ll likely accomplish your goals to the fullest satisfaction; inspire many to work hard & diligently through your passionate accomplishments; reach milestones on your own pace; gaining status, honor, respect and acclaims.

Mars Trine Midheaven MC 

△ You’re adventurous, energetic, independent yet humble and compassionate.

△ You have a strong sense of self, even if you have had to struggle to gain that self-confidence in your early years. 

△ You also have faith in yourself and the direction you choose since you’re flexible to explore the paths before investing your focus in them. 

△ You are often hard on yourself and push yourself to the limit to get the best of your potential to the forefront. Your intense focus and work-ethic can be the source of inspiration to many.

△ You are driven by passion and don’t back down from reaching the highest of heights. You would rather aim high for the stars and reach the moon rather than aim for things that are already accomplished.

△ You might even choose careers that give you the necessary motivation to expend your intense drive, instead of settling for jobs that seem mundane.

△ You like to keep yourself informed and ready for new adventures in your projects, so you are always upgrading your skills and polishing your talents.

△ You seek new frontiers and don’t slow down when facing unfamiliar obstacles, so you often end up creating a path to success that nobody ever explored before.

△ You’re an inspiring person, you have a lot of wisdom to offer since your early years no matter how harsh or secure, gave you the necessary insight into the world. So, many might admire you for how incredibly accomplished yet humble you’re.

△ You’ll likely create works of inspiration; seek exciting opportunities to elevate you on your career path; create healthy competitions to motivate everyone involved; gaining acclaim, fame, honor and respect along the way.

Mars Square Midheaven MC 

□ You have immense drive and determination to succeed in life, you’ve big ambitions and will work towards accomplishing them.

□ You likely had a harsh upbringing, with cruel/unemotional parents, or strict & traditional guidance, which might have modelled your view on yourself and the idea of worldly success.

□ You’re also a formidable opponent in your professional field, you have confidence in yourself enough to take on any opposition or obstacles.

□ This insane work-ethic garners you a lot of respect from your peers and admiration from others. 

□ Although you might be prone to getting suspicious, overly sensitive to criticism, and might not have a healthy competitive spirit. You might respond aggressively or rudely out of misunderstandings & misinterpretation. This impulsivity can make you hard to work with/for, and even harder to be in the same competitive sphere as you.

□ You might even use your power & position to one-up on others who criticize you or raise questions on your behaviors. These feelings of animosity and anger might just be your own insecurities and fear of failure or due to the style of your upbringing that gave you a sense of superiority or inferiority.

□ It’s important to understand how humility and compassion play a bigger role in your career & personal development. Since your actions & behaviors can easily affect others’ opinions on you, which can also directly impact your professional success.

□ Although, if you have a balanced ego, and know when and when not to take others’ seriously, when to exercise silence as a tactical response and when to speak your mind; you will be revered for showing great strength in character. Your willingness to accept guidance from higher authorities & mentors can help you stay focused on your goals rather than in petty confrontations. 

□ It is important to check your ego and how it may be causing you a lot of harm than gain, since your actions have irreversible consequences which directly affect your reputation and everything you’ve worked hard for.

□ You’ll likely face many testing lessons in the public & professional arenas; inspire others by your mental and emotional fortitude; make incredible accomplishments; garner support, respect, acclaim, position and honor. 

Mars Opposite Midheaven MC (Conjunct IC)

☍ This aspect brings your childhood & upbringing into focus since Mars is also conjunct IC.

☍ Your early upbringing plays a big role in how you perceive yourself and life as a whole. Your goals and ambitions have their foundations from your childhood-parental dynamics.

☍ If you had a stable home, your parents were bold and confident who encouraged you to be the same, you had the access to develop your personality and talents through their guidance, etc.

☍ If you had an unstable household, with aggressive parents, who had violent tendencies, you might have felt unsafe and even picked up on some of their unhealthy coping mechanisms in the process, unable to fulling develop your true self and hence your self-esteem might have suffered.

☍ Either way, your drive to succeed in life had the begins in your childhood experiences, be it good or bad, they gave you the motivation you needed.

☍ Your relationship with your parents also affects your inter-personal & professional relationships. Hence you might have rocky or stable interactions with your colleagues and authority figures. Your interaction with the public can also be directly connected to your emotional fortitude. You might be admired by many who are inspired by your work.

☍ Although it is important to fully embrace your personality and develop your inner talents & skills to have a healthy self-confidence, since you can have fleeting moments of feeling insecure & inadequate.

☍ There is a sense of stability that always seems to be lacking in your life, which must be dealt with love and compassion, since your inner emotional foundation needs constant reinforcement, by harmonious relationships with family & loved ones. 

☍ You have a strong drive to achieve greatness in life, your work ethic hence is quite impressive to others, especially to those in authoritative positions. 

☍ You’ll likely make great progress in your career through your own personal development journey; create inspiring works that gain the admiration & support of many; garner respect, acclaim and comfort.

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