Natal Neptune and North Node Aspects Conjunct Opposite Trine Square Quincunx Inconjunct Sextile

Neptune Inconjunct/Quincunx North Node

This is an enlightening aspect even if it’s painfully challenging to process.

You are intuitive, you already know what to do, where to go, how to get what you want, yet you may be vulnerable to a lot of negative energies/mindsets that gets imposed on your psyche.

You’re somehow always walking on the right track but get dragged into paths that are dark & scary, often by others’ influence, may be by manipulative/obsessive/narcissistic people, or by your own lack of confidence due to the subconscious programming of your mind since childhood/early life events, or both, that somehow always takes you on a completely different tangent to learn through the darkest lessons of life.

Most people might even consider your life to be unfortunate or they can’t completely comprehend the kind of things you go through since it’s not their definition of “normal”.

You’re however an incredibly pure person deep inside, all you will have to do is break the illusion of security that you think someone/some people are providing, since there’re usually outside sources trying to take advantage of your empathic character.

So your biggest lesson in life will be to break illusions, whether it’s from others’ or yourself. 

You have a bigger purpose in life, and going through these dark periods of your life, clearing out karma (no matter how heavy) will be enlightening, spiritually elevating you to what you truly deserve, and physically aligning you to a better path.

You’ll have to trust your instincts, both while dealing with others and yourself. For example, if you always had a vision for your life, but somewhere along the way, someone comes into your life, and starts telling you the complete opposite of what you think your life should be, or starts projecting negativity into your plans etc. or even tries to integrate themselves into your life so much so that they try to micromanage your moves, you know this person has ulterior motives (even if they are someone that’s supposed to be close to you, like a parent, or sibling, or a friend). So you somehow already have a subconscious insight as to what to do, even if it started out as an unrealistic dream, you know this is your truth and so you must never let someone/thing deter you from that path.

As you grow older, into your adulthood, and clear out many karmic ties/illusions in your life, you might even start to realize that you already knew what you truly wanted in life, and somehow even through all the detours, you are still back on track to where you want to go, no matter the sacrifices & loses.

Sifting through all your traumas & disappointments and walking forward will always be the right thing to do, because, you are somehow guided by forces unknown, even protecting you from harm all along, this realization will help you through your journey.

Neptune Opposite North Node

☍ You were born with Neptunian talents, overwhelmingly strong creative & artistic urges can lead you to pursue these skills actively.

☍ With Neptune Conjunct South Node, there’s a big resistance to change in life, you might rely on escapism to avoid facing your deepest fears/shadows that come with evolving into your next phase.

☍ You’ve strong passions & urges that don’t seem to let you rest, driving you in many directions, but you will have to remain realistic to direct your passions in the right direction.

☍ You are intuitive, yet you always seem to go through life in a haze of sorts, where you’re pursuing paths that seem to be your destiny, you might just be following them to make your dreams come true, yet they don’t often bring you fulfilment.

☍ You’re a wise & pure soul deep within, and like many Neptune aspects, with the Lunar Nodes’ influence, you could be extra compassionate, & sensitive, even sensual & artistic. 

☍ You will have to be realistic in life, even when you’re dealing with others. 

☍ While pursuing your careers, you can always utilize your talents & urges, and make the best use of them, since they are gifts that can inspire a lot of people.

☍ You might not like being in the spotlight, but like all the adoration it brings, if you’re thinking of pursuing a career(s) that requires you to interact with a larger audience it is important to take your alone time spending it productively and resting in between your work.

☍ There is always a caution with this aspect, to never rely completely on your visions, leading to self-deluding tendencies (even escapism). Since your plans may need many adjustments & corrections, being extra realistic, without which you might end up making decisions to ruin your foundations or anger others’ around you.

Neptune Square North Node

□ This aspect can either bring you from being extremely realistic to believing in miracles, or from being disillusioned to grounded in reality, depending on your early life experiences.

□ So, there may be a need to not fall into escapist behaviors, or self-deceptive mindset, even if they were just programmed ways of thinking that could have come through your past experiences or upbringing.

□ You might have to break free from your own fears by confronting them.

□ Your reality may be challenging, or extremely comfortable, and they are both in a way, completely in your own power, since you can change the circumstances of your life with your thoughts & hence actions.

□ You could either end up breaking illusions & control in the society, enlightening others in the process, or you could end up manipulating & deceiving people by influencing their belief systems in some way, both depends on other aspects in the chart that suggest the good side or the bad side of karma that you might end up creating.

□ The more you work on breaking free from illusions, (even if they are just mindsets, addictions, deceitful people, etc.) the more you might start to see your true purpose in life. This may very well be your biggest lessons in life, in clearing out these karmic lessons to ascend to your higher purpose. Since this process will help you elevate in life.

Neptune Conjunct North Node

☌ This aspect can be regarded as one of the most enchanted Neptune aspects ever. 

☌ Destiny is just a matter of time in your life, since things just naturally happen exactly the way they should, and all you might have to do is believe.

☌ It may seem like a higher source is guiding you towards your purpose, even if you don’t know exactly where you want to go, you know you can always rely on your intuition and just keep walking with faith.

☌ Although, the journey might not really be an easy one, since Neptune & North Node still hold karmic debt. You might endure painful life circumstances (the origin of which may be found in the house where Neptune/NN are in) that maybe regarded as blessings in disguise.

☌ Your intuition is incredibly on-point, and you can tap into your psyche a lot more easily whenever you are envisioning your future.

☌ There’s another positive side to this aspect, being, you can manifest literally anything in your life (especially if in 12H/8H/5H/11H/1H). Since Neptune is boundless potential & North Node aligns your deepest desires with that of your purpose.

☌ You may also be artistically talented, even with psychic & spiritual gifts, which can become important parts of your life & purpose.

☌ Your career when infused with your creative gifts can even inspire others on their own journey. 

☌ Your spiritually positive mindset, inspiring works, and mystical personality may be influential in your career life, and your life as a whole.

☌ You can reach the highest of potentials, integrating your mystical & spiritual talents to elevate both your life & that of others.

☌ But just like all Neptune x North Node aspects, you will have to be careful with your intentions since you can rake up bad karma just as easily you can good karma.

Neptune Sextile North Node 

✱ This aspect gives you a sense of destiny that’s always within reach (depending on other North Node aspects in the chart of-course).

✱ Your intuition always leads you on the right path and most importantly you’re ready to embark on new adventures.

✱ You usually follow your intuition and find yourself on the path to your higher calling without many distractions.

✱ You use your psychic & spiritual gifts for the benefit of others (the opposite is true with bad aspects suggesting otherwise).

✱ You are an inspiring person and have a subtle & positive influence on those around you.

✱ You can infuse your career/work with your innate creative skills, or even pursue your artistic talents.

✱ You must however be cautious not to get involved in deceitful behaviors, or with deceitful people, since there maybe karmic situations where you’ll have to make wise (& the right) decisions and not just go with everyone’s opinions/mindsets.

✱ Since this aspect also has an influential attribute to it, you can attract the attention & respect of many people.

✱ Your positive mindset & good intentions when dealing with others, will bring you karmic rewards (the other way around is equally true.)

✱ So being truthful, walking on the right path, and not succumbing to manipulating public opinion, or playing devil’s advocate will be important from a karmic point of view.

Neptune Trine North Node

△ A promising North Node aspect enriched by the gifts of Neptunian boundless potential.

△ There’s an easy-flowing feeling to your purpose in life, where you seem to have the right mindset to pursue your highest calling.

△ This aspect with all its positives is still a challenging one, since you might have had to experience some disappointing yet deeply transcending experiences in your life, especially from those who you considered to be trustworthy. So, you know how to turn your pain into spiritual enlightenment.

△ You may be drawn to integrate your artistic/creative talents (even spiritual gifts) to your career.

△ Your works are inspirational & can garner the respect of many.

△ You can also influence others with your positive & optimistic personality.

△ You have a clear vision of your future and it’s imbued with your intuitive insights.

△ Although, like other Neptune aspects, it is important not to take advantage of this positive aspect into deceiving others, manipulating the public opinions, etc. since karma spares nobody.

△ Your self-belief & intuition are important driving forces in your life, and so you will need to be extra confident in yourself, without wearing a mask or allowing negative influences to distract you from your true purpose.

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