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Pluto Conjunct North Node

You have an intense personality as a result of your unwavering determination to succeed in life.

You might have experienced extreme situations, in the materialistic, physical or psychological areas of your early life. These immense adversities might have shaped your view on the world, and in the process, could have helped you find your life purpose.

You might also have complicated relationships with authority figures, even in family dynamics. You don’t like being controlled by anyone, even in a hierarchy. However, you might have to be careful not to exert your dominance on others or plot your way to the top of the ladder with devious motives, since Pluto & North Node are still extremely strong karmic points in the chart, you can rack-up good karma & bad karma quite easily.

You might have also experienced control-issues, power-struggles or even entrapments where you had to struggle your way out. Or you felt like you were being deceived, used & manipulated by someone/some people and had to fight for your independence, this could also be in regard to personal/physical/professional safety. As a result, you might have a new set of eyes that can see the world & people for what they are, and so you know how to avoid (may be even expose) manipulation tactics, unhealthy connections, deceitful situations. This could also be one of your biggest life’s lessons.

Your life struggles always seem to take you on a personal re-invention journey, where you actively transform parts of yourself/life to come out on the other side with fresh perspectives. 

You possess a lot of resilience, and you can endure immense pressure through your life circumstances, that only seem to make you stronger and wiser. This inner fortitude might be admired by many, making you an inspiring figure in their life. 

You might also be prone to rage, especially in unjust situations or betrayals, be it in your life or your loved ones’. But with time & maturity, you might learn how to choose your battles wisely.

Your experiences also help you to understand situations from a completely different perspective, where you develop the skills to analyze pieces of the puzzle, patterns and find common denominators. This gives you the unique ability to detect & alter your own psychological programming, mindsets, and coping mechanism. Likewise, you’re also able to psycho-analyze others’ motives to some extent, or underlying patterns in the society at large and so you might be able to predict certain events, also to think way ahead of others.

You have a strong intuition, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. You likely use your intuitive skills in your career, helping you create exceptionally detailed works, which have elements of change and evolution embedded in them. You likely also have many other psychic abilities, interest in the metaphysics or spirituality, science & medicine, psychology, etc. where you can unrestrictedly dive into deeper levels of knowledge and indulge in research.

You’ll likely pursue your dreams & desires with great determination; use your intuitive & intellectual capabilities to advance in tough situations/competitions; inspire others to transform parts of themselves that need conscious & sub-conscious reinvention; work towards gaining wealth, position, power, respect and prosperity following your life purpose, listening to your soul’s guidance. 

Pluto Inconjunct North Node

^ This North Node aspect might be one of the most difficult aspects in terms of crucial yet intense life-lessons.

^ You might have an empathic inner-self, with a lot of compassion for others, yet you might not receive the same good-will from most others in your life.

^ The hard part might be the fact that, these people are usually your loved ones, close to your heart in some way.

^ Your early life might have been extremely trying, with heart-breaking situations playing out either in your own life or in your loved ones’. You might have grown up dealing with certain traumas, still recovering from them.

^ But you might have to take some time to heal from such harsh experiences, since you might have a tendency to walk right into another excruciating experience. These repeated karmic blows might come as harsh reality-checks/lessons.

^ You might have to deal with critical issues like lose (monetary/health), being controlled by someone/some people, power-struggles or even entrapment with complete loss of personal freedom, mental-health related problems, physical/emotional/psychological abuse, etc. 

^ You might have to overcome such extreme situations and go through intense healing.

This however might help you realize just how resilient and powerful you truly are, and how you always had everything within you that you needed to come out of such unimaginable situations.

^ You might eventually develop a strong inner fortitude with absolute clarity as to who you’re, what you’re capable of; what you want and what you certainly don’t want to ever experience again. You might gain confidence in yourself through reviewing every underlying patterns & information that once kept you trapped (either physically and/or psychologically). 

^ Your life purpose might actually be your entire life’s experience and how you face your fears and transform parts of yourself that needed love & clarity. You might realize just how powerful you’re as a person, and how important your wisdom & life’s story is to countless others who might be inspired by your resilience & strength in character. You have an intense drive, focus and determination to tackle any issue in life, no matter how big or small, how simple or unusual and you know how to turn pain into power, hence also helping you advance in your career & life path through the careful implementation of these valuable lessons.

^You’ll likely grow through intense pressure to learn “just how strong you’re when being strong was your only option”; overcome trying situations with immense clarity & confidence; inspiring others by being a resilient person of integrity; using your experiences to aid others in need & help them heal; gaining & regaining position, respect, power & wealth, following your life path listening to your inner guidance.

Pluto Square North Node

This aspect can suggest that your determination to attain your inner most desires might not always be in alignment with your true-life purpose.

You might have incredible intuitive abilities, receiving insights and guidance from higher realms. Yet, you might ignore them when you become blind-sided by your ego, vengefulness or sorrow.

You might have to go through intense situations that test your inner fortitude. But you don’t always see these lessons as such, you might have a tendency to feel scorned or betrayed instead.

This perspective on life might actually work against you in the beginning, since you may be giving into your anger & rage, rightfully so, considering the kind of things you’ve been through, but the lesson in the end is still the same, to rise above the situation and transform the parts of you that needs strengthening and healing through it all.

If you’re not careful, you might become vengeful, seeking justice and demanding everybody to believe how horrible the said situation/person was. But you might not always get the acknowledgment you were seeking from others.

You might feel disappointed, scorned again by others for not believing in your truth. So, the cycle repeats, in a way, you’ll keep making more and more people as your enemies, even if they don’t see you as one, or vice versa, others may try to pull you into their misery and demand that you support them. There might also be a dangerous implication (since it’s Pluto), that you might even have been the victim (or vice versa) of intense emotional/psychological/physical abuse, addictions, power-control/personal power loss, entrapments, etc. Such gruesome situations might have pushed you to the mindset of “it’s me against the world”, but you might soon realize that it’s not really the case, since you do have support, you will find acknowledgement from others, but first & foremost you might have to focus on self-love and healing, since that’s what you need the most.

You will eventually, realize the importance of self-acceptance with maturity and time, allowing yourself to understand the value of the lessons. This realization can set you free from continuing cycles & battles that you’ve already outgrown/won.

You’ll also understand that “your truth” is “the truth” but it doesn’t have to be acknowledged or supported by others to be true. Your experiences were real, your wounds & traumas were real, and even without others’ validation, you still won life’s toughest battles through your own will and determination. 

You will eventually go through significant personal transformations that allow you to rise above the hurt and pain you’ve experienced. Also, healing and evolving, realizing that you have the great ability to turn pain into power, helping you recover and rest from strife. This significant shift in perspective will help you elevate on your life path and find your soul’s purpose in healing & transformation.

You’ll likely fight for your rights and win against all odds; inspire many others who may be going through similar unjust situations; learn how to heal through trauma & wounds, hence helping others through their recovery journey; create incredible works inspired by your pain & healing; gaining & re-gaining your strength, power, wealth, position, recovery and respect following your life path and acknowledging your soul’s calling.

Pluto Opposite North Node (Conjunct South Node)

You are passionate, brave and can move mountains with your sheer will power. But this might become a struggle against change if not careful.

You might have had early life situations that could have given you a sense of power and control, which in-turn made you feel safe and secure. But, with time, you might resist letting go of this convenience, hence halting your personal development.

You might become obsessive, controlling, (even) manipulative or deceitful to keep your hold on whatever gave you initial success, not realizing how you are avoiding necessary self-development and also creating negative karma in the process (with North Node and Pluto involved).

In the process, you might start disregarding essential personal growth/shadow work, and instead you might become more self-serving and find people & things that validate your behavior.

This might cause a lot of harm to your mental & spiritual health, public reputation and even your accomplishments. But life might start getting harder and harder for you to keep continuing this way, with unexpected and sudden collapse in your life, health, respect and position in society; forcing you to finally go through inner transformations that are crucial to your personal evolution.

You might find yourself left with no choice but to heal and let go of control, in a way being humbled by life, a rude awakening. Your inner self needed an intervention and life made way to help you realize how you were resisting change. 

You might have also realized how when things got harder in life, you couldn't reach higher levels, be it personally, relationship wise, or professionally. So, you might appreciate the big shake ups and break downs that came as blessings in disguise.

You will learn how important change and personal transformation are, even in the midst of comfort and success, since only inner level-ups can manifest into elevation in your outer world. 

You might also understand the value of using your intuitive, intellectual and spiritual manifesting abilities wisely, and not to manipulate/control your destiny, (since your higher callings may be bigger than you can ever think) but to learn how to go with the flow, trusting in the higher forces to guide you. 

You'll likely go through intense personal development processes in life; learn how to relinquish control over what you think brings you success and instead believing in your life enough to face new frontiers; release toxic personality traits, behaviors and connections that you may have outgrown; use your gifts and talents to improve your life through transformation and hence inspire others to embrace the positive changes in life; gaining wealth, prosperity, power, position and respect following your life path, learning necessary lessons, and heeding your higher calling.

‌Pluto Trine North Node

This aspect indicates that you possess immense personal power and inner strength. You are a force to be reckoned with. 

Although you face one big obstacle after another, you have the necessary strength and courage to keep moving forward, undeterred. You face your fears head on, because you know there are great things waiting for you on the other side.

You are determined to accomplish greater goals. You understand how to transform yourself and your plans with each level-up. So, you keep elevating on personal and professional fronts.

You might have faced manipulation, control, deceit, power-struggles, etc. that could have left you feeling powerless, yet you never back down, especially when it concerns your personal power and freedom. So, you fight your way out, cut out toxic habits/relationships, and leave behind anything and anyone who isn't aligned with your path, much less putting you through dangerous experiences.

You will eventually realize just how powerful you are as an individual, and how there are higher forces supporting your growth and battles. This aspect also helps you to have self-control, in order to harness your inner reservoirs of strength and potential.

Your life struggles, no matter how unusual or disempowering they were, helped you realize just how strong you are, and how nobody or nothing could ever stop you from your goals and life purpose. So, in a way, you might realize that you were protected & guided even during the harshest times of your life.

You might also understand the value of having control over your own life, and to never let anyone/anything else take over your life, destiny and path. Gaining back your freedom and power might feel like the biggest victory to you. 

Moving forward, you might realize how you can consciously focus your inner drive and passions into your professional and personal life. You will see how all your previous experiences with power struggle and loss of control helped you tap into your potential, and hence you're able to integrate all the lessons into your success.

Your intuition also allows you to always stay connected to your higher self, receiving guidance and insights in regard to the next steps on your life path. You might even be psychic. You also have a spiritual blend to your personality that helps you stay grounded.

Breaking down barriers, accomplishing great things, moving forward with determination and never backing down are your biggest strengths in life, with heart-felt lessons and enduring back-stories to share. You don't take opportunities and successes lightly, so you are also humble and grateful for all the rewards and blessings in your life.

You'll likely fight your way out of illusions, deceptions, societal barriers, etc. inspiring many others on their journey; taking back control of your life and purpose through sheer inner strength; creating lasting success; gaining respect, wisdom, power, position and wealth following your life path, heeding invaluable guidance listening to your higher calling. 

Pluto Sextile North Node

You are a powerhouse of determination and strength. You have the willpower and self-confidence to go the distance.

You might have endured a lot of obstacles and challenges on your life path initially, which gave you the necessary stamina to stay focused on your goals.

You are always evolving as a person, your mindsets, goals, and focus go through immense transformations with you. This also means you are constantly refining your skills & talents to reach higher than you ever did before.

You can adapt to changing times; hence you are able to create lasting success. You are almost hungry for success, since, once you finish achieving one goal, you have already lined up more. So, you have a strong competitive spirit through which you gain admiration from your peers.

You are intuitive and know when to take risks and when to plan more. You are often at the right place, at the right time. 

You listen to your inner guidance intently, since you can tap into your spiritual side much easily, even if you don't realize it at first. You seem to be guided by higher forces, also protecting you from potential dangers.

Your intuitive and intellectual capabilities also make you a powerful manifesto, where you can attract resources, opportunities and people that help you reach your highest potential. 

You go through life lessons, challenges and setbacks with humility, but you also make sure that you will never go through such harsh situations again. This determination helps you shift and adjust your plans, mindsets and attitude in order to make necessary course corrections. So, you have a realistic mindset that allows you to recognize opportunities even in failures.

Your ability to rise above trying situations, help you to turn pain into Power, and hence you also integrate your life experiences into your work, which allows you to create incredible works/services that gains further admiration from others. Your journey also serves as a lasting example to others, inspiring them even more.

You'll likely accomplish your deepest desires and goals through sheer will power and hard work; create lasting success; inspiring others through your journey of transformation and healing; gaining wealth, respect, power, position and prosperity following your life path, heeding your higher calling with faith and optimism. 

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