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Astrological charts in general (especially Tropical) are made of 12 signs occupying 30 degs of a circle covering 360 degs. Each planet, asteroid, other calculation point occupies their places within this circle. Aspects are defined as angles that the planets, asteroids, or calculation points make to one another. 

Throughout the history of Astrology, there have been many different references and ideologies used in determining and interpreting Aspects, over time, main aspects are categorized into Major and Minor Aspects. While calculating aspects, an important thing one would consider/notice are orbs, being the degrees to which the given angle between said astrological points are close to the exact angle. Orbs are significant due to the elliptic nature of planets, asteroids, etc. So, each Aspect has its own degs of Orbs within which it is calculated with relevance. 

Conjunction, Square, Opposition, Trine and Sextile are Major Aspects, while Inconjunct (Quincunx), Semi sextile, Quintile, Biquintile, Sesquiquadrate, Semisquare, Semi quintile and Sesquiquintile are Minor Aspects.


Angle: 0 deg, Orb: up to 8 or 10 degs.

The Conjunction is extremely significant in one’s chart since this aspect merges two said-astrological points into perfect synergy. Hence, it is a powerful aspect to consider. Depending on the planets, asteroids or other calculation points involved, the synergy may work in numerous ways, where it can speak of utilizing those energies for better or for worse, and so every conjunction is not the same. This is also one of the aspects that one can easily feel in the chart, gaining more prominence in imparting character to it. 

Conjunctions to Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven and Lunar Nodes are especially significant, since they directly reflect on our direction in life, emotional depth, personality, ambitions, soul-purpose, etc. This aspect can help you merge different energies of planets, signs and houses efficiently. Extremist tendencies can naturally arise in this aspect sometimes and so moderation will be a lesson and necessary skill that one learns through this aspect.   


Angle: 90 deg, Orbs: up to 4 or 10 degs.

Squares create tensions and usually the points involved are in angular houses and/or signs of the same mode (e.g., 1H & 4H, Aries & Cancer, etc.). The conflicts and confrontations that this aspect seems to create can cause a lot of instability, frustrations and general lack of co-operation between the said points involved. 

Sometimes, there can also be internal struggles between two different principles, decisions or circumstances yet they seem to have similar solutions or perspectives. Squares can invoke a need for patience and discretion, wherein one tries to choose which way is better and how to approach something with the least amount of conflict since ego will only keep things stuck. This aspect can make one stronger in character and conviction, giving the necessary motivation & tools through circumstance and/or chaos. 


Angle: 180 deg, Orb: up to 4-10 degs.

Oppositions generally happen on the same axes lines wherein said points are usually in complementary houses & signs (e.g., Leo & Aquarius are Complementary or Opposite Signs, likewise 4H & 10H are opposing houses). The planets or points involves can either cause tension or a strong desire to unite the themes of the houses & signs. There may be starkly different approaches to a certain situation or topic and hence this can cause confusions and frustrations; likewise, there may be extremely similar views that need immense amount of focus and effort to make things work, so this aspect usually creates a sense of struggle and restriction in the areas of the signs & houses involved. 

Sometimes a compromise between said points can be immensely beneficial to harness the true potential of this aspect. This aspect also helps one to understand the importance of balance since not everything needs to be a struggle nor a sacrifice, the goal involved is still the same, the most viable approach at the time will suffice, and alternating between the two will quell the tension. Hence, this aspect improves maturity and understanding.


Angle: 120 deg, Orb: up to 4-10 degs.

This aspect is said to be the most pleasant of all Major aspects since it inherently allows the points involved to work together in harmony and hence can blend their energies without overpowering or underestimate each other (usually in the same elements, e.g., between Fire signs and houses, Earth signs & houses, etc.). This aspect is an integral part of the chart imparting its characteristics significantly. There is a need to let things naturally take their form with this aspect so that there is no resistance, tension or extra effort needed, although this can turn into complacency overtime leading to lethargy or inadequate use of potential. 

This is one of the reasons why active involvement of the points in their houses & signs become such an important developmental exercise. This aspect also allows one to access their inherent talents, skills or gifts and develop them over time through effort and intention, so one can tap into many forms of abundance with this aspect relating to the planets, points, signs & houses involved. Hence, this aspect can teach one how to be aware of both the blessings and dangers involved without losing sight of the goal through consistent effort.


Angle: 60 deg, Orb: up to 2-4 deg

This aspect is easy going and intentional in nature. It usually involves points in compatible houses and signs, hence the synergy of these points create a positive flow of energies. In this aspect, the themes of the planets’ houses & signs seem to support each other hence there is little to no resistance experienced. This creates a sort of hand-in-hand forward movement and also provides immense inspiration to keep moving further ahead. 

This aspect can also help one create opportunities through consistent efforts. It also allows one to utilize the potential of the points involved in positive & simplistic ways. This aspect will help to keep the momentum alive in any goal, situation or theme since there will always be consistent focus effortlessly directed towards them, so the motivation never dies out. Hence, this aspect allows the smooth flow of energies and usually goes unnoticed in day-to-day activities yet stays significant as an integral part of the chart.

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