Natal Pluto and Midheaven MC Aspects Conjunct Opposite Square Sextile Trine Inconjunct

Pluto Square Midheaven (MC)

□ With this aspect, your identity as an individual and the relationship you have with the public becomes the prime focus of your life (with likely Pluto Conjunctions to either Ascendant or Descendant).

□ You could have had a harsh upbringing with family or with parental figures being too controlling or loving or both, at-least one of whom influenced your career choice(s) in a significant way.

□ Your personal & romantic relationships or even troubled childhood incidents might become public somewhere down the line, both inspiring & shocking others.

□ You're intensely focused on accomplishing your goals, with your resourcefulness & hard-working nature, you can achieve greater heights and gain public fame, yet your personal/familial life may be put to question every now & then for both good & bad reasons, which are likely your biggest emotional triggers. 

□ So, you might be forced to relive your traumas in one way or another and heal them. This process can also become the driving force for your career achievements, often overshadowing your past experiences. You might even include your sufferings & healing journey to your work and win many hearts showcasing your personal growth.

□ You're naturally optimistic yet you could have insecurities that haunt you, even with fairly good childhood experiences, you could still have repressed memories of sadness & pain, that could come up every now & then. You will realize how powerful they are eventually, and to transform them into your key strengths furthering your dreams & ambitions. 

□ All the troubled memories could however tempt you to use unlawful or immoral means to attain wealth or success, just to quell the desperation of achievement to cover up your harsh past experiences. But you will have to realize how important it is to accept the past for what it is, even seek guidance from others instead of trying to bury it with your sheer determination to succeed, since you will eventually attain your goals, and exceed your own expectations which you are fully capable of doing.

□ There is also an element of reinventing your career as you evolve into a better version of yourself. Every time you feel stuck in the same pattern, no matter how successful you may be in the way you have been doing things, you will hit a plateau phase where you might feel unfulfilled, which will in-turn trigger your own transformation as a person & your work will change with you, often elevating to greater heights.

□ There may also be upheavals and controversies, matters relating to both you & your personal/familial relationships) that could rock the balance of your career, which you will have to handle tactfully since all can never be lost, especially when your ambitions are built on a solid foundation, so there might not be a need to feel discouraged. 

Pluto Inconjunct/Quincunx Midheaven (MC)

^ This aspect brings you to focus on 'you' and 'why' you want to achieve certain goals than 'how/when' to achieve them. 

^ Even if you always knew what you wanted in life (which is almost always since a very young age), your reasons to attaining the said goals may have to evolve over time before you find true contentment.

Your life may take unusual turns in your early adulthood, making you more and more desperate to stick to your script, that checklist of things you want to do, but you might find it getting harder and harder the more you try to micromanage the steps you take towards your dreams.

You very likely have revolutionary ideas not just for yourself, but for the world in general. Yet, you will be confronted with many obstacles to realize your ambitions.

You might have to understand how important connections to others, acquaintances, business (even romantic partners), etc. are for your career life, since you will most likely meet many influential/supportive/resourceful people at the most unexpected places/times, and so you may have to be open to such opportunities/people.

This could very well be one of your biggest lessons in life, to take your tunnel vision off of your goals every now and then, and to be receptive of other's help, guidance, etc. and accept the fact that sharing your goals won't diminish your efforts.

You might have to learn tough lessons about how not to control situations especially when your life is pushing you in completely unplanned territories. 

Patience & surrender to the higher purpose may become important forces of change, since sticking to your initial well-detailed plans only means that you will be able to take your work/ambitions to exactly how much you have evolved yourself so far, but gaining more experience & wisdom along the way, through life itself, transforms both yourself and your dreams. 

So this aspect can be regarded as a blessing in disguise, with all the detours, you might actually end up reaching even greater heights much easier than you could have ever planned. 

‌Pluto Opposite Midheaven MC (Conjunct IC)

☍ This aspect places immense focus on your childhood and early upbringing, especially on your connection with family and mother-figure. 

☍ Either you had an extremely controlling childhood, or you had a neglected upbringing, experiences relating to your past, especially your childhood (even your past lives) shape your world view and how you see yourself as a member of the society. 

☍ Even the most positive experiences may have left you feeling overwhelmed, like an overbearing parent's affection, for example, or you grew up shouldering everyone's immense expectations for you.

☍ As a result, you could have developed extreme coping mechanisms, being defensive/offensive, or avoiding conflict altogether. 

☍ You might work your way up to the peak but be dragged down by the smallest of criticisms or even unnecessary confrontations. (Especially with other aspects/placements backing this up). If you're not careful, you could easily become disliked by the public/professionally for your defensive and rude ways of handling stress, conflicting opinions, etc. 

☍ You are extremely resourceful and work hard at every path you choose, yet you might often find yourself obsessing over them but eventually see them slipping through your fingers, if you don't pay attention to your self-destructive behaviors. All of which stemming from your early life experiences, hence inner child work, etc. will help you release any type of resentment you may have subconsciously built up without realizing.

☍ Your patience, especially with yourself will reflect on how you interact with others. Since this aspect directly aspects the MC - the most important point in the chart, your actions, words and intentions will always be in question, and you will have to gain a good amount of insight & wisdom to answer to the world without feeling offended since many people actually might like you & your work way more than you know, and your defensive behavior might be the barrier keeping them out.

☍ You might also change directions in careers every now and then, but your passion & drive will help you reach success in the end.

‌Pluto Trine Midheaven (MC)

△ This aspect gives more power to Pluto’s influence on MC (your public image/position). 

There’s a deeper calling to your passions, you feel divinely guided to certain path(s) that seem transformative & yet fulfilling at the same time.

△ People naturally feel comfortable working with/for you, even with a difficult temperament, others may be compelled to let such flaws slide-by, since they believe in you & your potential. 

△ You have enough clarity about your ambitions/goals (even if not from the get-go), you know you can put your mind to anything and make things happen.

△ You are mostly suited for directorial/managerial roles no matter what industry you work in, since you have a tactful way of approaching others, and are able to draw out the best of everyone involved without putting much pressure on them (which is unusual for Pluto). So, this aspect allows you to focus your intensity & personal charm without intimidating or overwhelming others, instead making them feel part of the team/plan without much effort.

△ Though, since this is Pluto we are talking about, greed, envy, illegal activities, etc. can be incredibly tempting detours, or people with jealousy, ulterior motives, fraudulence, etc. may target you, this could even be possessive/controlling partners/family members or romantic love affairs (no matter how toxic or spiritual), extreme secrecy surrounding your home/family/monetary situations, etc. could also raise suspicions in the public about you, which will end up causing a few upheavals in your public life affecting your status/career.

△ Controversies, rumors, envy from others, etc. are all part & parcels of Pluto-MC aspects, so no matter what your romantic/familial problems are (usually arising from these areas), you’ll still have people rooting for you, and believing in you, since you have a promising persona, with a lot to offer to the world.

△ No doubt with Pluto involved, there’s a lot of painful lessons to go through, even when they are not truly related to your work/career path. But you have the absolute potential to transform your sorrows, & healing into productive work, making inspiring progress in your life, especially professionally, often gaining respect & admiration from others.

△ You can easily attain good positions in your work, accomplish great things through your hard work (Trine energy involved with serious placements like Pluto & MC is extra productive), wealth, power & position, even amass a good number of supporters/fans/admirers throughout your life.

Pluto Sextile Midheaven (MC)

✱ This aspect allows you to access Pluto’s resourcefulness in a productive way. 

✱ You attract opportunities, influential people, etc. who believe in your true potential with ease.

✱ Even with disappointments & upheavals elsewhere in your life, you seem to have the incredible power to turn pain into power and transmute it into personal & professional progress.

✱ Your individuality, & personal power is what brings you everything you need to move forward, almost divinely orchestrated events that seem to direct you on the right path.

✱ You’re immensely focused, talented (often artistic), hardworking & persistent. Your early life experiences may have shaped your ambitions, making you work even harder to attain your goals once you get the opportunities to do so.

✱ There’s a positive feeling of hunger to create things/works that are deeply spiritual to you, and in some ways inspiring to others.

✱ Of all Pluto-MC aspects, this may be the most harmonious, in terms of not rebelling against the higher authorities, since you know how to get your way even when you don’t particularly agree with how things are done.

✱ Somehow your early upbringing & family situations (often chaotic) that could have given you the patience & tactfulness to handle difficult people and turn situations to your favor.

✱ You could also have an inspiring influence on others for the same reason, since your easy-going attitude reflects inner calmness even when you come from a place of hurt & chaos, you know how to transform negative situations in your life into something spiritually uplifting & progressive.

✱ Your relationship with the public/professional world will most likely be harmonious, and you can garner a lot of admirers for all of your accomplishments.

Pluto Conjunct Midheaven (MC)

☌ This is one of the most powerful MC aspects (especially if Pluto is in the 10H). 

Here, all the good, bad, bests & worsts of Pluto are out in the open for everyone to see. There’s this feeling of being exposed, & vulnerable, where all the insecurities, up & downs of your life are usually out in the open, and there’s often not much you can do about it either. So, your early life could have been chaotic, in one way or another, where you tried your best to hide your feelings, insecurities, emotions, even talents, etc. but somehow you had to go through painful situations in front of others, or face difficulties with everyone watching you. 

☌ Your early life experiences may have influenced you to seek less chaotic situations/environments, or to build stable foundations for yourself, since it’s highly likely that your childhood/familial situations were unstable/shaky. One particular parent (if in 10H) or grandparent (if in 9H) could have had a profound effect on you & your world view, if they were positive & supportive, but this could be the complete opposite if they were obsessive, controlling, envious, manipulative, etc. Either way, you could have grown up learning how to turn pain, disappointments & upheavals into steady, focused intensity making positive progress in life.

☌ There’s obvious elements of embarrassment, humiliation, downfalls, scandals, everything bad associated with Pluto’s shadow side directly tied in to your public image, even if your life was never this dramatic, you still naturally carry an air of mystery, intimidation, about you.

☌ This Pluto aspect (in 10H especially) might not really make you feel comfortable at first, but you might end up evolving with all the transformative influence it has on you & your ambitions/world view. Giving you a sense of personal power, immense resourcefulness, potential to master talents/skills, attain position, wealth & status. 

☌ Your work ethic (10H Pluto) or your morals in general (9H Pluto) may go through constant evolution, where you seem to have started being extremely rigid or serious but may become easier & calmer with your approach to career/life goals, embracing life’s changes & unexpected detours, surrendering to the flow of things instead of micromanaging, etc.

☌ You work incredibly hard at whatever you put your mind to, your heart is also heavily invested into it/them. There’s an obvious intensity to you that draws in incredible opportunities, often people in positions of authority & power might find you miraculously and trust you with important projects/positions. 

☌ You can be hard to work with/for, yet there’re obvious good intentions involved behind your strong work ethic, allowing you to help yourself & others access untapped potentials, eventually allowing you to create great things. Pluto brings wealth from the underworld, up to the mortal world, which is a lot of hard work indeed, so the analogy fits in.

☌ This aspect also attracts a lot of people’s attention (often without even meaning to), mostly in mesmerizing, intriguing ways. But even if you’re the most transparent person, you’ll still be under scrutiny from certain groups of people, due to your intense personality & great accomplishments. Love-hate fandoms are a big possibility. Your powerful influence over the public is your biggest gift, even if you sometimes see it as a curse (since much like Lilith aspects, this aspect to MC can bring unwanted attention, obsessive/controlling people).

☌ Pluto here creates the hunger for power & position, depending on your intentions, you can easily gain good or bad karma through your work/professional endeavors. You have the incredible ability to bring diffident groups of people and work towards a common cause, so you’re more suited for managerial/directorial positions. Your almost insane work ethic (especially if Pluto in 10H) will gain the respect & admiration (and fear) of those around you. This aspect to MC (with other positive aspects) can truly signify “Phoenix rising from the ashes”, since no chaos & upheavals will ever stop you but will continue to help you evolve as a person & that growth is seen by the whole world, a truly inspiring sight indeed.

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