Natal Mercury Retrograde

You see the world differently, usually through your mind. You have insecurities about what others think about you. You might have felt that your opinions are too bold or were afraid of rejection growing up. You might even overanalyze everything others say/do, sometimes misinterpreting them. This can also be true as vice versa, where you are misunderstood by others. Your early experiences may have been hazy yet vivid. You have a lot of creative talents, but you might feel inadequate to express them at first. You might have troubles starting projects/hobbies/endeavors, but once you take the first step, you are quite committed to your tasks. You might feel guilty when you feel unproductive or bored, you also spend a lot of time thinking about “where you want to go from here, what you want to do”, etc. 

You might feel happy embracing your inner child (especially in your 20s) in the form of visiting your hometown, cherishing your childhood memories, indulging in hobbies/interests/research, etc. You might have a hard time letting go of memories for the same reason. Your intellectual capabilities are often heightened due to your ever curious nature, even if you didn’t show much interest in studies during your childhood. You might sound intellectual and sometimes devoid of emotions to others, but that’s only because you try to intellectualize your thoughts & feelings. Self-doubt can be a big hindrance, but with age & maturity you can conquer your fears & insecurities. Your concentration power can also increase with age, especially when you’re working/learning about something that piques your interests.

Natal Venus Retrograde 

Your ability to express compassion and love were limited in your childhood. You might have felt unworthy of love or luxury in some way, this could easily be the opposite case too, where you felt entitled or greedy about money and favors. You might have problems in estimating your own worth and so, also that of others. You might even feel that you are not good enough, in some way, either physically or financially to live a peaceful life, so you might have poor personal boundaries in relationships which can cause huge problems. Or you might show superficial affection, stay in relationships for personal gain, etc. In both cases however, you feel you lack something or the other, so you might feel undeserving of consistency in efforts from/for others, especially in close-personal relationships. Money, luxury, and inner peace also become a focus of your life, where you will need to moderate your need or lack thereof. 

With this retrograde placement in your chart, you will need to find balance in everything you might be over-doing or neglecting, that includes your own self as well. Self-care and love become extremely important, especially in your early 20s where you might feel an overwhelming sense of imbalance in your life. So, correcting such patterns/behaviors, loving yourself enough to feel worthy of love, affection, care & comfort will be your prime focus. You might even have exceptional talents, especially in beauty, fashion, poetry, arts, politics, law, etc. that can help you access your Venusian side a lot easier and heal any self-worth issues, since with age you will develop a healthy self-esteem and hence finding the right balance both inside and outside of yourself.

Natal Mars Retrograde 

You might be confrontational or meet people who are always out for a fight. You might even feel uneasy while expressing your opinions in tense situations, or you might avoid being in conflicting places altogether. You might have troubles starting new endeavors, usually due to lack of self-confidence. You might even sabotage opportunities due to fear of “being not good enough”. You are however an exceptional leader, even if at first you feel unworthy of such great responsibilities. You are also a passionate individual with a lot of ingenuity. With age & maturity you might even realize how powerful you are. You might however have to regulate your intensity, as to how much or how little effort/pressure you exert. You will need to learn patience in order to effectively implement your actions and spontaneity instead of impulsivity. You have a lot of personal charisma that others look up to. 

You will have to give yourself enough time to integrate your passions with your plans. You might also have to learn to be committed to your goals and see all projects/interests through till the end. You will need to process your desires and find the right ways to achieve them. You will also need to learn how to voice your disagreements, likewise, how to react to others’ disagreements. You will need to express your anger in a healthy way and avoid unnecessary confrontations with tact or sometimes with compromise. You will realize how confident and incredibly strong you are in your character through tough situations that you face, so you will also be able to embrace your imperfections and fears, in order to live your life with purpose and accomplish your goals successfully.

Natal Jupiter Retrograde

Your faith in the divine and yourself always seem to be under test. You might have felt unsupported during your younger years, especially on a spiritual level, you might have felt that you were always enduring bad luck. Some of those early experiences also tested your commitment to your goals and what you felt was your life purpose. But, with every extreme situation, you might have been saved just at the nick of time. In a way, these miracles further strengthened your faith. Even if you did not have a strictly religious upbringing, you always felt compelled to learn more about ethics & culture, especially interested in those different than your own, so you have a unique set of morals and you are always true to them. You also value honesty in others for the same reasons since you feel a truthful person has good morals, this makes you a good judge of character. 

You might have had problems with limits and boundaries, leading to overindulgence during your early years, be it with physical aspects of life or with your false self-confidence. You might even have troubles estimating your own capabilities, so you might over-estimate or underestimate yourself. In a way, being your authentic self, could have been a struggle since childhood, but with maturity, you might have realized how special you truly are. You might even realize how certain situations where blessings/blessings in disguise, since with this retrograde placement, you are always protected even in the most difficult circumstances. You are wiser than most, and this also makes you a great mentor/friend. You will understand that your self-confidence and optimism are keys to living a truly fulfilling life, so you will attract opportunities and favors every-time you believe in the divine as much as you believe in your capabilities. You might eventually unlock the path to success and abundance, attracting more blessings, prosperity, inner peace, contentment and joy.

Natal Saturn Retrograde 

This placement can be scary at first, especially since the lessons are harsher than the direct placement. You might have endured some gruesome experiences ever since your childhood, which could have forced you to become wiser and more mature. Your patience and endurance could have been tested to their limits. Everything felt like one up-hill battle after another. But you might have also realized that you are stronger than you ever thought you were. You might have discovered some exceptional talents/skills or potential in the process. Hence, this retrograde placement puts enough pressure to turn you into a diamond. Your self-confidence will keep going through phases of transformation as a result. You will also have to face your fears of both success and failure, since only by being true to yourself will you ever be able to overcome your limitations. 

Methodical approach and organization will be biggest assets. You might have also experienced power-struggles with elders/authority figures, this could have been in terms of control/manipulation. Being your own authority and taking back control of your life could have been painfully rewarding lessons. Your early experiences taught you how cruel and hopeless life can be, but it also taught you that you are fully capable of building a beautiful & fulfilling life of your own. With age & maturity, you might have realized how self-discipline and diligence help you to tackle obstacles and reach greater success, since you know how to turn pain & fears into opportunities & strength. You might even see your hard work paying off, with karma & luck finally turning in your favor. You will be rewarded for all your good intentions & honest work with abundance and blessings. 

Natal Uranus Retrograde 

Your biggest fear might be that of being stuck in a repetitive phase in life. You might have had childhood experiences where you felt trapped or restricted by traditions or other familial/social expectations. You might have lacked encouragement to express your individuality. But as you grew into your adulthood, you might have realized how being trapped in certain mindsets are not serving you anymore. You might decide to make sudden changes to your life’s direction, may be even abandon certain places/things/people in order to pursue your life purpose. Since your intense urge to break free from anything/anyone that are holding you back can feel like an inner calling. This can even manifest as emotional outbursts, or rebellious behaviors. 

In a way, you know your truth and you can’t restrict yourself anymore. You might also actively seek excitement to experience life to its fullest. You might have had certain fears or limiting beliefs about technology/science, which with time you become well-adapted to. So, you are also quite curious about new studies/interests/hobbies that can bring you more excitement in learning. You can even inspire others through your ingenuity, in a way, your rebelliousness can also motivate others to break free from their own restrictions. With sudden events & circumstances you become more adapted to change and its invaluable need to evolve beyond where you are & what more you can do.

Natal Neptune Retrograde 

You could have been unbalanced spiritually where you might have felt like you couldn’t access your deeper subconscious. You might have also neglected parts of yourself or felt neglected by others during your childhood no matter how subtle it was, since in your early 20s and onwards, you might have realized how you have so much more to learn about yourself. You might even feel compelled to dive into spirituality, religion, or philosophy in search of answers to a feeling of emptiness. You might have exceptional creative and artistic skills, which can also help you to reconnect with your inner self. You might have psychic/intuitive gifts and become aware of them as you become more curious about yourself. You are extremely sensitive to your environment and so you can pick up on all kinds of energy shifts, you might even have health related sensitivities. 

You might feel called to heal others, either physically or spiritually, through charity or other social services. You might feel lost sometimes and seek outside validation or escapism just to come back to yourself and realize that you need to find answers within, since you can tap into your spiritual self and draw out invaluable insights. Your ego might not have been developed in your childhood or was inhibited due to certain situations, so you might not know how to stand-up for yourself or set healthy boundaries at first. You might even have troubles establishing your true identity since you allow others’ opinions influence you a little too much. So, such experiences might have prompted you to reinvent yourself, starting from building a strong belief system and following it through with your actions/decisions. So, releasing limiting beliefs/mindsets, embracing your true desires and setting intentions to manifest them will become prime focus in your adulthood.

Natal Pluto Retrograde 

You might feel constantly attacked or have fears of being exposed. You might have experienced obsessive/possessive behaviors from others which might have made you feel unsafe. You might not be comfortable tapping into your subconscious, especially from fear of facing bad/difficult memories. You might even have traumas that seem too big to even confront on an emotional level. Taking control of your life and living your truth will become your primary focus as you enter adulthood. You have a probing mind, and this helps you to dig into deep & dark emotional/psychological matters easily as time goes by. You might have realized how exceptionally gifted you are in terms of intuitive/spiritual skills. You will be able to moderate your personal intensity and direct it towards self-transformation. Your passions can inspire you to fulfil your deepest desires. 

You will overcome power-struggles, controlling & manipulative situations with impeachable emotional & psychological intelligence that your life experiences helped you to master. You might also become comfortable expressing your sexuality and allowing trustworthy relationships into your life to experience intimacy on a deeper level. You might have big ambitions that need careful planning. Your early experiences could have humbled you and made you realize how to be compassionate to others. You might even realize that healthy compromise and building trust will help in forming successful partnerships (both financial & emotional). You have an influential presence, and you attract jealousy, envy, hate, and other forms of projections, so you will be able to learn how not to take things too personally, but you will also learn how to stand up for yourself and in your truth.

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