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Saturn Conjunct Midheaven MC

☌ This aspect is the most amazing & equally terrifying MC aspects of all.

☌ There’s always a sense of immense responsibility on your shoulders, and depending on your conviction, you might carry it so well that people see you with high regards (the other way around is also true).

☌ This aspect has a big emphasis on mentorship, you might have been raised into the career you pursue(d), or you had/have incredible guides & teachers who will help you realize your true potential, although it’s not an easy path at all, yet it comes with big rewards which could have been obvious to you from the start.

☌ Nonetheless this is a karmic aspect, depending on other placements/aspects in your chart, and most importantly on how you use your potential. You could build your very own empire or destroy everything you ever had.

☌ Hard work and smart work sound the same to you, since it’s still a lot of work regardless.

☌ You will be held responsible for each and every move you make, and that’s the burden & reward of Saturn. You will be humbled when you think you can get away with something, and you’ll be praise when you achieve something significant, you can’t hide from criticism or recognition even if you tried to.

☌ Your life might not have been an easy one since a very young age, rich or poor, you had to learn the importance of hard work & diligence. You learnt early that you’ll have to earn everything you desire, no matter how simple or grand.

☌ You could have had a controlling parent/household growing up or had a parent that you looked-up to very much, sometimes both. You’ll also find a lot of opportunities in life through authority figures, parents/grandparents/mentors etc. 

☌ Be careful however, to not be manipulated/controlled, or caught up in others’ ulterior motives, since manipulation, humiliation, betrayals, etc. are also possible with this aspect.

☌ You will have to learn how to take control of your own life, regardless of how indebted you’re to others who have helped you, or if you didn’t receive any help growing up to where’re now, you’ll have to accept that this life is your own, and you don’t have to be controlled by (or control) others’.

☌ Since your life path has an element of karma to it, you can’t take anything you do lightly, you might have to be extra careful. It’s easy to acquire good karma through this placement, and even easier to acquire bad karma. (Especially if Saturn is in 9H) You’ll have to uphold morals & righteousness in your career life, or you might be humbled (badly) by Saturn. 

☌ Your work and notoriety will take you further along your life, you’ll be well respected, wealthy, in high positions/status, and you might likely have worked for it from a very young age.

☌ You might even be called to help others along on their journey in your later years.

☌ A lot of people will look up to you and everything you have built & achieved.

☌ Remember, everything you do/say is always in front of everyone to see, no matter how secretive you’re, since MC is the highest point on the chart, and Saturn rules this point & 10H, righteousness & truth are paramount. So, people know both your struggles & rise, failures & successes.

☌ So if you’re ever tempered to use your power/position for grandiosity or entitlement, it will showcase your fear & insecurities to the entire world. The same way, if you rise to a status in life & wish to do good, everyone will be able to recognize your good intentions. 

☌ Either way, you’re hard on others, but the hardest on yourself. You seek perfection, at the very least, a worthy outcome in everything you do. But it is also equally important to take care of yourself, and let others take care of you as well. Maintaining a good work-life balance may be an important lesson with this aspect.

Saturn Trine Midheaven MC 

△ This Saturn x MC aspect is a beautifully inspiring one.

△ You’re diligent & professional, even as a kid, you had a sense of maturity that helped you be disciplined in everything you did/learnt.

△ You might have found your passion/purpose at a young age and worked hard to pursue that path(s).

△ You might have also been inspired by many great people in your life some of whom might have guided you along your way.

△ You might reach great & even greater heights never stopping on the way up. Your successes will always inspire many people.

△ You’re a serious individual professionally, but a warm-hearted person in your private & public life, which gains you a lot of respect and admiration from many.

△ You also know how to maintain a good work-life balance, although that insight might come later on in life.

△ You don’t shy away from hard work, and you continually learn new things to be able to do smart work, amplifying your abilities & efficiency.

△ You don’t mind climbing the mountain at your own pace, since you already know your destination.

△ You are patient and diligent, you know how to make good plans for your future & make consistent efforts towards achieving your goals.

△ Your persistence might also earn you many opportunities. You will likely have everything you need to achieve your dreams once you decide what to do, since in a way karma aligns everything for you.

△ Trine energies can bring-in procrastination, even to a Saturn x MC aspect. Here, entitlement might become an issue, for good or bad reasons. You might have to be careful not to be self-righteous, even with all the achievements or fame. 

△ You will likely achieve great success, wealth, respect and recognition.

Saturn Square Midheaven MC

□ This aspect indicates a harsh childhood, whether it was your upbringing, or poverty, or emotionally demanding/unavailable parents, family conflicts, etc. there might have been constant turmoil in your home where you grew up. 

□ You could have had a hard time even in school(s). You might have had many insecurities and were sensitive to every criticism. 

□ You might have felt a strong sense of instability, and insecurity. Especially since home/family/childhood experiences are the first foundation to one’s sense of self & self-confidence, it might have been extremely stressful, may be even traumatic to deal with such issues even in your adulthood.

□ Your early experiences no matter how subtle or deep might have made a strong impression of the world you were living in, and how it’s not really fair.

□ You might have (or been tempted to) use other means of relief, such as substances, or rebellion, alcohol, smoking, etc. to cope with that cruel reality.

□ You might have however felt guided out of such restrictive (may be even abusive) environments through career opportunities, or a breakthrough where you had to isolate yourself from such toxic situations.

□ So, you might feel a sense of (true) relief from your troubling past with your career endeavors. 

□ You might also be blessed with people in positions of power/influence who helped you navigate through career & life (with other aspects/placements to suggest the same).

□ However, in the competitive world, setbacks are normal, but your past experiences might make it harder for you to cope with, but you have all the tenacity to move forward regardless.

□ So, you will gain a lot more confidence in your work & yourself every-time you don’t let your past experiences define your current responses.

□ You have an exceptional personality, you know how to turn your pain into power, direct it in the right direction. So, you likely work hard, with all your focus, adapting to new situations & places (since in a way you longed for this freedom & peace). 

□ You must be careful not to give into your pain, since it might creep up on you when you’re making significant progress in your career. 

□ You might find people who feel like the family you never had, and/or you might also want to create a beautiful family of your own, which could be one of your biggest dreams in life (especially if Saturn is in 7H).

□ Your true happiness, things/people that bring you a sense of stability & peace of mind later on life (that you deeply craved for/needed in your childhood) could be reflected by where (i.e., the house) Saturn is placed in your chart.

Saturn Sextile Midheaven MC

✱ You might have been encouraged to pursue a successful life from a very young age. Even with struggles in childhood or with riches, you were either motivated by others’ or you had experiences that inspired you. As a result, you have a mature view on life.

✱ You have a strong sense of responsibility and determination. You seldom question yourself as to why you must work hard, since it’s a given to you that hard work is the key to success.

✱ You take a steady & methodical approach towards your career & life in general, since you will have to build from the ground up to reach the top successfully.

✱ You are careful & patient in everything you do, and rarely put everything on the line. 

✱ You likely had to push through many of your insecurities to get to every accomplishment, and it shows as your strength in character.

✱ In a way, your work is your happy place, you find a sense of purpose in everything you do, and you rarely take the opportunities for granted.

✱ Your clear sense of direction in life didn’t happen overnight, since you had your moment of self-doubts & confusion, especially true if you had a difficult childhood.

✱ You know how to stay humble throughout your many successes and failures.

✱ You take your work seriously, and rarely slip up on your duties no matter how simple.

✱ You might even be well-liked by others (especially your colleagues & higher authorities).

✱ You will likely attain a good position in society, with many accomplishments, respect and wealth.

Saturn Inconjunct/Quincunx Midheaven MC

This aspect makes you feel quite lonely, painfully so.

Early on in life, you might have realized that you were not supported either by others or life itself, everything/everyone seemed to go against your will, you felt like your efforts were never truly appreciated.

You could have also grown up in a household that had special double standards for you or expected a lot from you at a very young age without fulfilling your needs. This could have made you used to settling for less, or accept bread-crumbing situations, or even ingrained lack mentality in you.

This could have been worse if you have other placements/aspects in your chart that indicate self-doubts/esteem issues.

You might have felt like you’re a loner and not many like you, even if it was never true, and you were actually adored by others.

You’re extremely hardworking, respectful & responsible, yet you might have found it hard to direct your energy in a particular direction productively.

As you grow into young adulthood, you might have realized yet again that your reluctance to put yourself ahead, might be hindering your life & purpose as a whole. As a result, you might have struggled to be more out-spoken, social, etc. Although these attempts might have been in vain if you didn’t work on your core self-worth issues.

You might lack initiative in finding a particular career, or to deem yourself worthy of your dream career even with all the potential you naturally possess.

You’ll have to overcome your insecurities, lack mindset, and fears before you regret choosing a life that is purposeless & barren. Since this is one of the biggest lessons you’ll be forced to learn with this aspect.

You might have to work on your self-esteem issues, stand up for your rights, and to realize that you’re worth it, you have always been, and anyone/anything that said otherwise had no business to do so in the first place. 

You’ll start to find many opportunities along the way after you start accepting yourself, believing in yourself & your dreams. 

You might also encounter karmic rewards later on in life. This aspect is truly an amazing one, since Saturn blesses you equally for learning such harsh lessons.

You will have to believe that you can achieve your dreams and then some more, and you might just find the perfect opportunities that align you to your life purpose. Eventually, you might end up achieving great success with good recognition, social status, & wealth.

Saturn Opposite Midheaven MC (Conjunct IC)

☍ This aspect puts more emphasis on your past/upbringing/childhood. 

☍ You might have grown up in a restrictive household, with a lot of traditions, or religious/ethical practices, or even with a considerable amount of power in society that you had to act accordingly to maintain etc., or you grew up in an unstable household, with emotionally dependent/unavailable parents, family conflicts, financial difficulties, etc. Either way you grew up with a strong sense of insecurity and lack of adequate support.

☍ (With other placements/aspects in the chart) You might have had a support-system(s) no matter how subtle, be it a mentor, mother/father, sibling, etc. But most of the time, you felt alone or felt that you had to figure your own way out towards your goals.

☍ You might have had controlling/manipulative/obsessive parents or family members (may be even narcissistic, with other aspects/placements to suggest the same) which could have caused you a significant amount of trouble, restricting your view on the world and your future.

☍ So it becomes important that you resolve your inner child wounds & traumas before venturing into the career path that you wish to pursue. 

☍ Since Saturn here (especially if in 4H) will keep bringing your past to the surface for you to deal with. Sometimes this could be meddling family members, or just your fears & insecurities.

☍ You’ll have to create a strong foundation for yourself before you plan to build a prosperous future. Or everything you build might crumble.

☍ Here Saturn will help you move forward with a lot of determination & focus in life to attain your goals.

☍ But your lingering guilts or fears from the past might literally haunt you and hold you back from fully reaching your potential.

☍ Worst case scenario, you might become obsessed with being in the spotlight, people pleasing, & attention seeking. Without addressing the core issues of IC (almost jumping from the IC problems to MC), you might become shallow and cold hearted, calculating and scheming to reach the top as quickly as possible. Or even use your resources to stay in the public eye and maintain a faΓ§ade/fake identity that will keep digging a bigger hole of identity crisis in the future. 

☍ Acceptance, emotional/financial support, and appreciation might be your true needs that for various reasons you couldn’t get in your childhood, but you’ll have to work through those wounds.

☍ You might even build a prosperous & peaceful family of your own as a result of your inner work since you find the necessary clarity.

☍ You might find many amazing opportunities for career success & achievements once you have worked through your insecurities (or if you’re dealing with meddling family members, it could be by cutting ties or by establishing healthy boundaries). 

☍ You might attain a good social standing, respect, and accomplishments throughout your life whenever you move forward with a positive mindset.

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