Natal Venus and Midheaven MC Aspects Trine Square Sextile Opposite Conjunct Inconjunct

Venus Conjunct Midheaven MC

 This is one of the most amazing MC aspects.

☌ You make friends everywhere you go, a social butterfly with unlimited charm and charisma.

☌ You have an eye for beauty & fashion, so you might have a great sense of style or even be well-known for your beauty/physical appearance & fashion sense.

☌ You might be an artist, in music, singing, dancing, make-up, aesthetician, fashion modelling/designing, acting, painting, etc. or have hobbies related to the arts.

☌ You might also be good with finances, like business management, networking, marketing, etc.

☌ You might attract all kinds of opportunities, resources, influential people, friends in high places, great career prospects, etc. 

☌ Your key to success may be the peace in your heart, how you always strive to think positively and believe in the good things. 

☌ You might also be in good accordance with your family or would love to build a family of your own. You love to work towards a harmonious personal life, a fulfilling one.

☌ This is also a Fame/Popularity indicator. You are adored & admired by many, especially since you can blend-in with different people very well, and you exude a serene aura, most people love to spend time, & work with you.

☌ You know how to make things work, settle arguments & conflicts amicably, you’re also organized and are good with time/money management, so you might be suited for managerial, HR, or higher positions, since you know how to maintain a good PR and keep the workplace together using your incredible people skills.

☌ You might also find yourself working towards living a luxurious & comfortable life, filled with harmony and peace.

☌ You might attract/expect your partner to be career-minded, someone you could work/build businesses with. Your romantic relationships might be the most talked about or could be well praised by the public. You both might be well respected and admired by others. You might wish to be in a prosperous relationship like that, where you both can be well-respected, working towards common goals and be regarded as a power-couple even.

☌ Being true to yourself is also paramount, and not just accepting praises but also criticism equally, so it will be in your best interest to not just surround yourself with “yes sir/ma’am” people.

☌ There may be a danger of being a people-pleaser or attention-seeking due to insecurities or fears of being inadequate. Social standing is very important to you but being enslaved to maintaining a certain lifestyle or image would be a detriment to your mental-health or the public might catch on to your insecurities quickly resulting in loss of popularity. So, it’s essential to have a healthy self-confidence and always remind yourself of your self-worth without being pressured by your position/status. 

☌ You might be well-regarded by authority figures, elders, mentors, etc. for your disciple and studiousness. 

☌ You might even be an inspiration to many as to how to conduct oneself in public/social settings, and how to have healthy PR all while working towards worthy goals.

Venus Square Midheaven MC

 This MC aspect can bring up your self-esteem or over-indulgence issues to the forefront.

□ You might be overly invested in yourself, your career, life, looks, popularity, materialism, etc. to ever give & receive equally which could cause disappointments in your personal relationships.

□ Or you might be too loyal and trusting, needy & dependent on your loved ones and their needs to focus on self-love.

□ You might feel distracted from your career life every-time you encounter problems in your home/love life, and vice versa.

□ You might feel obligated to work harder to neglect the problems at home or vice versa but you might still not feel satisfied.

□ Either way, you will have to face your own inadequacies to find the perfect balance between self-love and love for others.

□ You will have to find clarity in your own self-worth and never let anyone treat you any less, or you might have to humble yourself & be grateful for the blessings you have so as not to take anyone for granted.

□ You might attract partners who will love you madly enough to fulfil all your wishes or who might take advantage of your good heart, both depend on your own perception of self.

□ So, in both cases, you need a strong sense of self in order to recognize love from others’, this way you will always know when you’re truly loved and when someone isn’t being honest with you. 

□ You will have to find a good work-life balance. Most importantly you will have to balance your home/love life and your work life to feel satisfied with both. 

□ Your self-confidence is also important in your career success just as much as it is in your personal relationships, so you might have to be assertive in your career pursuits, since you have all the capabilities to take on anything you put your mind & heart towards.

□ That’s also another important attribute to any Venus x MC aspects, you can only be satisfied in professions that you love, where you can find inner peace fulfilling your purpose. So, it’s recommended that you carefully choose such perfect career path(s). 

□ You might be interested in careers related to arts, performance, fashion, finances, etc. and you will do well using your innate creative talents.

□ Your career & public life could be filled with many who love you and envy you, there may be no in-betweens.

□ You’re charming, and loving, yet you might have an air of mystery that may be regarded by others as alluring.

□ You will work towards building a solid foundation for your career, and a harmonious home/personal life, finding the right balance for both will give you everything you ever wished for. So, it’s likely that even with ups & downs, you might find yourself enjoying a good position in society, wealth, harmony, love, peace & recognition.

Venus Trine Midheaven MC 

 This MC aspect can indicate a relatively peaceful career/public & personal life. 

△ You might be an ambitious person who has a lot of passion for your work, which reflects on all the dedication you show. So, you likely work hard and play hard.

△ You might also attract partners (romantic) who encourage your passions. 

△ They might also bring the necessary peace & harmony into your love/home life that allows you to focus on your career life.

△ Your public reputation might increase based on your romantic connections, since most people like to see you being in prosperous relationships. Hence peace in your love life can also equally influence how loved you’re by others in your social circles. (So, the opposite might be equally true, where chaotic relationships might affect your PR).

△ You might also be able to attract necessary connections, resources, finances, business partners, etc. to help you progress in your career path.

△ You are likely popular; your career & love life can equally influence your fame in general.

△ You’re a great friend, and partner, you love to mingle with all kinds of people, make worthy connections, build your repertoire, also spend quality time with your family.

△ Your physical appearance/personal style may be extra appealing to others.

△ Your cooperative & compromising personality will earn you a good reputation, and also gain you good PR.

△ Your career might involve arts & finances, mediating, HR, marketing, creativity, etc. where you can actively express your talents & interact with many people.

△ You’ll likely work towards building a beautiful family, a good reputation, wealth and prosperity in life.

Venus Inconjunct/Quincunx Midheaven MC

^ This aspect brings up many insecurities & inadequacies one might have about themselves to the forefront.

You might feel (or have been made to feel) inadequate about your physical appearance or your presence & impact. 

This might make you feel over-looked or attacked for how you look or how you behave.

But most of those feelings may be your unfounded fears, or fears that come up due to the tension of competition you may be facing.

Issues like jealousy or envy (by others or yourself or both) might come up in your work environment(s) which might only make you feel even more insecure.

You will have to work through your own insecurities & self-confidence issues since no matter how much you try to hide them, others can easily see through your happy/brave face. 

You might also have to rely more on your own talents & efforts instead of expecting others to hand-deliver opportunities to you. Since you might be able to use your connections & popularity to get what you want but you most likely won’t find lasting success without putting-in the groundwork yourself.

You must also be careful not to climb the ladder too soon, or by devious means, since you might find it much harder to cope with all the big responsibilities that comes with the big titles & positions. 

(With Venus x MC) Since your work & career achievements reflect your true character, you’ll have to never forget that people are watching your every move, since they see your potential (even when you don’t).

This pressure to achieve great things must motivate you to work harder & more diligently instead of taking it for granted and confusing it for admiration, because it could all back-fire when people don’t see you fulfilling your goals or taking short cuts (also true in matters of money & finances). So, maintaining the support & admiration of others lies in your ability to deliver your promises and not just in your charm or charisma.

You might eventually pave a way for great success and others might look up to you & all your accomplishments with respect, inspiring many who might be struggling with similar things you over-came. (The other way around may be true if you had not put in the necessary efforts).

So this aspect places a lot of pressure and emphasis on conquering your fears of self and working towards your dreams without slipping into hate/envy or resentment/self-indulgence. 

Venus Opposite Midheaven MC (Conjunct IC) 

 This opposing aspect is fairly an easy-going one.

☍ You might have grown up with loving/supportive parents & family members. 

☍ You might have a special place in your heart for one of your parents in particular or even a family member. 

☍ You’re articulate and are detail-oriented in your work & home environments since the place you spend the most time in affects your mood & productivity.

☍ You like to be surrounded by supportive people be it friends or family members.

☍ You might find success in family businesses, home related products/services/investments (if Venus is in 4H particularly) shared assets with family members (if Venus is in 3H), or you might find opportunities through your family members/friends/acquaintances that help you advance in your career pursuits.

☍ You don’t mind working behind the scenes, in team related activities/projects, where you can spend more time with like-minded people.

☍ You might also have a fulfilling social circle, that includes family & friends, but you are also quite selective of who you let into your world.

☍ You might take your time in finding “the one” and would rather not be rushed into marriages since you are particular about the kind of family you would want to build.

☍ Your public-image might even be reflective of your cheerful inner child who is also a bit shy.

☍ Many might want to work with you for your pleasant and resourceful nature.

☍ You’ll likely enjoy a good reputation, but you’ll also have to be mindful of your temperament & your general conduct since they will be reflective of your own emotional stability that can widely influence others’ opinions of you.

☍ You might have to find a career path that matches your time with family, since over-working & staying away from your loved ones for extended periods might only deteriorate your focus on work and vice versa. So, finding a good work-life balance might be a challenge with this aspect but an important one to overcome, nonetheless.

☍ You’ll likely enjoy a good social standing, a fulfilling home life, wealth and comfort.

Venus Sextile Midheaven MC 

 You are likely a charismatic person who knew what you wanted from life since a very young age.

✱ You are peace-loving and often enjoy spending your time with loved ones and acquaintances indulging in harmonious relationships.

✱ You might be able to attract opportunities, resources, & influence necessary for your career advancements.

✱ You might also be well-supported by your family, elders, mentors, etc.

✱ You’re a romantic at heart and might even wish to make your fantasies a reality.

✱ You might be talented in art related subjects & careers. 

✱ You’ll likely gain a lot of notoriety for your career accomplishments throughout your life since you rarely take any opportunity for granted.

✱ You might even be known for your looks & appearance, your social conduct, and your serene personality.

✱ You might be popular for the same reasons both with your family & the public.

✱ You have good people-skills that you might have learnt from your pleasant childhood/upbringing.

✱ You are social and wouldn’t mind mingling with people, but you are also an introvert at heart since you love to spend quality time with family, or alone time relaxing in the comforts of your home.

✱ You’ll likely enjoy a luxurious & prosperous life, recognition and comfort in life.

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