Natal Retrograde Chiron

This retrograde placement in the chart may be one of the hardest to work through especially since Chiron itself is a placement of painful realizations and deep spiritual healing. It can feel like, the early part of your life was one big “dark night of the soul” kind of experience where you might have endured through heart-breaking, disappointing and hopeless situations, events that seem to rub salt on your inner wounds. It’s as if your inner wounds are out in the open, for those with bad intentions to hurt you even more.

So, you might have gone through one major healing journey after another, just to end up repeating the previous cycles until you were sure that you can move on. This process might have left you feeling exhausted and (frankly) defeated. But the key to truly healing yourself is “acceptance”, as simple as it sounds, it can be harder to internalize the fact that you are hurt, that you have been hurting for a long time, but every bad thing must also come to an end, and so it will. Walking with faith may have been the most testing experience for you, but staying on the course and never giving up on hope will be a vital lesson with this placement. 

In the process, you will have to confront the part of you that thinks that “you are nothing but a victim of gruesome circumstances”, since self-pity and victimhood may manifest into projections onto others if you are not being careful about them. Finding a silver-lining in every situation, changing your thought-patterns, making healthier choices/decisions, believing in yourself & hence finding enough courage to face any possible future whether good or bad, speaking of which, re-programming your mind to expect positive situations/outcomes, etc. will be hard yet vital steps that you can take towards self-development from consciously shifting your perspective towards an optimistic life thereby eventually manifesting it into existence. 

Therapy, meditation, spiritual/religious practices, artistic endeavors, etc. can help you stay connected to your inner self. Celebrating every small win will help you cultivate a stronger self-confidence. Assimilating your past, or even accepting some of the things that you have endured can be an emotionally taxing work, but you might discover that you have the internal strength to do it and come out wiser, stronger & more in tune with yourself. The journey to healing & recovering may have been long & tiresome, but you will be happy to realize that you are already near the finish line before you know it. This placement can seem karmic, heavily so, but that is exactly what makes it powerful and significant when it comes to being spiritually led & protected.      

Natal Retrograde Juno

The first thing that might come to mind when you see Retrograde Juno in your chart is that “you are doomed in relationships for eternity”, so allow me to relieve you from your concerns since this notion is just too much of an exaggeration. It can bring problems relating to committed relationships and possibly even delays in finding/marrying an ideal partner, but that’s about it. Retrogrades in the chart indicate spiritual and inevitable karmic lessons that we must learn first in order to understand the essence of those placements and better utilize their gifts. 

So, this retrograde placement might trigger events in your personal/intimate life that will reveal who you are as a partner, who is your ideal partner, how do you approach committed relationships (if at all) and what do you expect your intimate relationships to be like. In a way, helping you to envision your relationships that best suit you. It can even be possible that you might have struggled to understand what kind of love you wish to experience, what kind of a relationship brings you happiness and joy, who can truly understand you, etc. In the process, you might encounter people, places and situations that may have helped you realize what you want in a relationship and what you certainly don’t. 

You might even discover some issues related to commitment in both others & yourself that may be holding you back from maintaining healthy relationships, or you might witness experiences that you certainly don’t want to go through, etc. Internalizing such lessons, eliminating toxic patterns/people, making healthy choices in your personal & intimate relationships, drawing clear boundaries, knowing your worth & respecting that of others, etc. may be significant lessons that eventually lead you towards a better understanding about yourself and your ideal partner, which can help you find the right one, and hence in also forming healthy & requited relationships.

Natal Retrograde Vesta 

There may be a split between your devotion to traditions and loyalty to yourself. You might have grown up thinking you need to dedicate your efforts & time towards your family, household, culture or even country and somewhere along the line you might have put your needs to the side. This can even manifest as being ashamed of your sensual & sexual nature. You might feel that you need to be bound to your traditional background and so you can’t openly express your sexuality. 

This could be as simple as dressing according to the modern trends or changing your style to fit into the recent times, but in some ways, you might have been conditioned to think that so-and-so lifestyle, fashion sense or behaviors are blasphemous or ethically wrong, etc. You might even have strict-self-restrictions as to how you view sexuality in yourself and hence in others. 

There is nothing wrong with sticking to the traditional values and having your own opinions but if at any point in time you feel that you may be restricting your personal happiness or life style choices to please others and if that is causing you a deep sense of inner conflict, then this retrograde placement will help you change your mindset and move forward confidently to live truly as you feel comfortable & satisfied. 

Natal Retrograde Ceres

This retrograde placement can cause immense lack of self-worth. Self-love and care become vital with this retrograde placement, since either you didn’t get enough care & nurturing during your childhood, be it emotionally/physically or you didn’t understand how to care for yourself or both. Since you feel a lack of stability and security deep within, you might expect others to treat you badly or neglect your well-being. 

You will have to move beyond such experiences and practice self-care routines consciously. You will have to actively nurture yourself, make efforts to give yourself warmth, comfort and kindness, as a form of re-parenting your inner child. This can be in an emotional way or in a physical way or both. You need to reassure yourself of your worth and hence develop a healthy ego to overcome any lack mentality. This can also mean surrounding yourself with positive people/situations/places, being in pleasant environments both at home and at work where you feel safe & loved. Relationships where you can be yourself, and relearn how to share love, money, time, efforts, etc. in a healthy reciprocal way can also help you heal some of your inner wounds, since previously you might have had troubles connecting & trusting others especially emotionally & with your possessions. 

Clinging on to people out of fear of abandonment can cause major rifts in those relationships. So, showing maturity when certain chapters come to an end and letting others make their choices, most importantly, respecting their choices will be a continuing lesson. You might experience similar situations where those who lack of emotional maturity may hold you back from moving on, out of their own fear of abandonment, inner child wounds, etc. Learning to maintain healthy relationships, unlearning toxic parenting, becoming a better parent to yourself will help you understand yourself and also others, especially when you choose to become a parent/caretaker yourself. 

Natal Retrograde Pallas Athena

You are an avid thinker, but you might hesitate to take action on your thoughts/plans. You might have a hard time being by yourself, since your most profound internal dialogues are the loudest when you are alone. But you might eventually realize how your ability to introspect is your biggest gift. Being mindful of your actions, making well-thought-out decisions, strategic thinking, etc. are some of the skills that you may not be good at since a young age, but you understood their importance and might have even learnt them later on. 

Focus, determination and courage are also some of the qualities that you might have to consciously bring to the forefront, since they are within you, you might just not know how to actively use them. Accessing your intuition and using it in important circumstances where strategy or negotiation are necessary, can also be a significant skill that will help you realize your greatest goals. You might be good with creative pursuits and enjoy indulging in them when you are alone. 

You might feel the calling to help those who are otherwise helpless and stand up for their needs/rights. Fighting for justice and equality may trigger an inner warrior inside of you especially if you have suffered through injustice yourself. Sharpening your skills & intuition, working on your self-confidence & concentration, learning to be consistent & organized, using negotiation & innate people skills, cultivating patience & wisdom, etc. will be some of the things that can help you understand your strengths and your true purpose in life. 

Natal Retrograde Aphrodite (1388)

You might have self-confidence issues regarding your body image or sexuality. You might have felt inadequate in personal relationships, especially in romantic ones. You might have been dragged into conflicts over lovers, compared based on popularity or been unfairly judged through impossible beauty-standards, etc. You might have felt unappealing or undesirable in your adolescence (even if it wasn’t true). But, moving past such experiences, you might have found how truly beautiful, attractive and loved you are. You might create your own fashion-sense and aesthetics that defy or even surpass superficial standards of beauty & desirability. You might even attain popularity for your beauty, style, aesthetics, etc.

It is important that you are being mindful about how you are projecting your insecurities onto others. In relationships it is also vital that you take responsible decisions and hold others accountable for their actions as well. You will benefit greatly from self-care, healthy relationship choices, drawing boundaries, not participating in petty comparison games, and even avoiding people who pull you into competition for their affection. Your relationships can improve, helping you to feel comfortable in your own skin when you don’t let negative projections or envy to lower your self-worth. This retrograde placement can help you realize that true beauty is one that shines from within and can only be appreciated by those with a pure heart.  

Natal Retrograde Eros (433)

This retrograde placement can initially create confusions in your sexuality, or possibly even making you uncomfortable in expressing yourself sexually/romantically. You might have been objectified by others (or vice versa) which may have left you feeling disrespected or even exploited. You might not know what you truly desire in your partner, or what kind of relationship satisfies you both physically & emotionally. You might even feel disconnected from your sensual self (or the complete opposite). 

It is important to not entertain distractions that only seem to lead you astray from your true desires and not to repeat unhealthy patterns, since you might end up hurting others and yourself trying to prank or play in love/relationships. Taking responsibility for your actions and holding others accountable for theirs can help you in the long run. You might experience relationships or sexual encounters that will make you want to go inwards and meditate on what your true desires & fantasies are. If you have body-image and/or self-confidence issues, this introspection can clear up your internal struggle regarding your attractiveness and even your sex appeal.

Natal Retrograde Psyche (16)

A part of you might have felt disconnected from the other, particularly your intuitive & psychic side from that of your physical & practical side. You might have experienced challenges in relationships (usually due to external interferences/influences) that made you feel like you had to fight for what/who you love. Disappointments and separations in romantic relationships may have encouraged you to go inwards, in solitude, or even seek spiritual practices to better understand the reasons. You might have also felt divinely tested for your belief in true love or even self-love on several occasions. 

But, with time and maturity, you might have realized how special & gifted you truly are, how all the trials & tribulations that you faced were blessings in disguise, how the purity of your soul always helped you overcome obstacles and find your way back to yourself. You might even understand what its truly like to want something/someone, who/what is your true soul’s desire and how you have a spiritual connection to it/them. This retrograde placement will reassure you that you are spiritually gifted, divinely guided and truly blessed, helping you find your soul path, either with a person or as a purpose or both.

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