Natal Neptune and Midheaven MC Aspects Opposite Square Conjunct Quincunx Inconjunct Conjunct Sextile Trine

Neptune Trine Midheaven MC

△ An aspect involving easy going Neptune and practical MC couldn’t be any better than this, since there’s an element of blind faith to it.

△ You are adaptable and eager, you don’t usually fret about the small things, and rather go with the flow.

△ You believe & hope for the best, the other way around is equally true, you could have a negative mindset and end up manifesting it too, almost as if the universe/divine is handing them over to you.

△ Faith and good intentions play a big role in your life, especially in your career life, since your positive mindset can attract all kinds of great opportunities & people who will help you guide through your career path.

△ With this aspect, your good karma also becomes a vital part of your good fortune, since your generous & compassionate attitude can gain a lot of admiration from others and be well-respected in your field of work.

△ Artistic & spiritual endeavors may be good choices for your career path, since you’re the most enthusiastic while perusing them.

△ You can make much progress in both your career & personal life by improving your artistic & spiritual talents.

△ With all the positive things this aspect brings, you might still have to be cautious of all the negative vibes/people/situations you could encounter. 

△ Popularity & professional success are highly likely.

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven MC

☌ This aspect gives one an enigmatic aura, hard to ignore.

There’s a wealth of potential to explore in this aspect, seeing how Neptunian qualities can easily be brought to life with the practicality of MC.

☌ This could also induce confusion in your world view, you could either see the world with a completely negative or naively positive view (both depending on your early upbringing, being opposite to IC). This also means, you take a lot of time in finding the perfect career path to follow (which is actually a good approach, yet it’s important for you to not stay stuck in planning mode forever).

☌ You could have been a very sensitive kid growing up, feeling trapped or ignored/overlooked, or over-adored and been placed a lot of expectations on you. Not to mention, it usually takes a special kind of parents to accept Neptunian-MC kids, who’re spiritual and open minded.

☌ You are naturally extra sensitive to everything, your senses are usually on overdrive, making you susceptible to strong scents, harsh opinions, bad vibes, evil eyes, negative situations/people.

☌ Careers that can enhance your Neptunian attributes will be the best choice(s), like spirituality, psychic abilities, arts (makeup, Modelling, cinema, singing, dancing, painting, etc.), social service, etc. 

☌ With this aspect, it’s highly likely that you are also very susceptible to deceit, you always somehow seek the guidance of others, and your trustworthiness and easy-going personality can attract a lot of dangerous people into your life, often trying to manipulate you.

☌ This is also true the other way around, where you can easily deceive others (even a great big crowd), presenting yourself as someone you’re not.

☌ There’s a dire need for finding your true self and staying true to yourself, instead of relying on others for help (since this can easily make you a prime target for manipulation) or faking your life to please or gain attention from others (serious mental health issues may arise from such self-deceptive behaviors) in both cases this could lead to impostor syndrome and other personality/mental health problems. Remember, any acts of deceit or self-deceit will be front & center with this aspect, for the world to see & judge.

☌ Being health conscious (both physical and mental) may be imperative since you’re highly sensitive to your surroundings. Being in positive and uplifting situations/environments are also important.

☌ Like all Neptune placements/aspects, charity and self-less services can become an important part of your life purpose, especially with MC involved, this could give a boost to your image and karma.

☌ With other positive aspects, this could easily mean popularity, often drawing in large crowds who are inspired by your work / are mesmerized by you. Although all the attention you get could easily overwhelm you, as long as you’re in positive & encouraging environments you’ll be able to negate anxiety/panic attacks and become more comfortable expressing your truest potentials.

Neptune Inconjunct/Quincunx Midheaven 

This may be one of the most sensitive Neptune aspects, making one extremely susceptible to anything & everything.

Growing up constantly feeling unworthy, or insecure. You need understanding parents/elders who can properly care for your sensitive nature and guide you through life making you a more confident each time.

Self-sabotaging behaviors, escapist mentality, etc. could become prevalent otherwise, thwarting all the opportunities to move forward in life without a good self-esteem. 

Even with positive mindsets/guidance, you may have to be careful never to fall into the deep abyss of depression, extra sensitivity to pain & suffering (even to that of others or the world in general).

Coming to terms with the realities of the world is vital for your well-being, but you can indulge in escaping reality every now & then in healthy habits/hobbies and give yourself an energy recharge.

Finding a career path to follow might be a big problem since you could feel discouraged or disoriented in the process without trustworthy people guiding you, or without a good self-confidence.

You can access your artistic/spiritual talents and integrate them into your career, making inspiring works, elevating your consciousness and that of others.

The practical world might not really be your cup of the tea, but money management, a positive PR, engaging with others, working with groups, etc. will be essential steps to self-development.

You need to surround yourself with positive & uplifting people/situations since you are extra susceptible to negative vibes/energies, & aggression, harsh opinions, evil eyes, violence etc. can weigh heavily on your mental well-being.

Neptune Sextile Midheaven MC

✱ You’re compassionate, hardly ever involve yourself in harsh situations, and would rather wish to live a quite & peaceful life with no drama.

✱ Speaking of which, drama could be a lot more than usual, be it good or bad (can also indicate envy, jealousy, evil eye, rumor's, scandals, etc.), but you’re usually popular and engaged in public/professional matters.

✱ You easily & effectively use artistic ways to express yourself, and your work(s) can draw a lot of peoples' attention to your unique skills.

✱ You need supportive and encouraging parents/elders/(generally) people in your life to help you maintain a positive outlook on life since, pessimistic/depressive situations/people can easily put a damper on your good intentions, could even make you believe that everything & everyone is just out there to get to you, so remember, "Misery loves company", and this aspect attracts people/situations who would love to see you down since you’re naturally an optimistic person.

✱ You need career(s) that inspire you deeply, and you might take a lil bit longer to choose the right one(s) for you, since any work that doesn’t involve your mind-body-soul productively will only end up draining you. 

✱ This aspect can make one very driven towards achieving success in their life, and highly unlikely to run away from reality, with a good self-esteem and emotional stability (which are all still very vulnerable attributes none-the-less). 

✱ Faith & intuition play an important role in guiding you through your life, helping you find the right direction for career choices and elevation.

✱ There may be an inspiring & heartwarming element to your work & your personality that give you a generous aura, often gaining you a good following, well-respected & admired by everyone around you.

Neptune Square Midheaven MC

□ This aspect creates a lot of tension & confusion between your true self and that of other’s perception of you.

□ You could have felt ignored/rejected/overlooked or excessively adored growing up, which could have made you a lil reluctant to attention from others, may have even weakened your self-confidence.

□ Your family matters’ may be of big relevance, be it your upbringing or the family you build, there may be much controversy around them. This could also easily involve how you show compassion to others as well, your good intentions may get a bad reputation for many reasons, or your good deeds covered with ill-intentions may get exposed and hence criticized, either way you might have to endure embarrassments, hostility, etc.

□ You may be prone to neglecting important tasks, or even choosing a particular career path, since you don’t really want to engage in the material world with so many responsibilities and would rather choose paths that involve expressing your artistic/spiritual side a lot more.

□ People in general may view you to be controversial, and any slip-up can mean you’ll be held accountable (even if not at the moment, surely in the long run). So, you may be popular, for good & bad reasons.

□ For the same, you may have to be transparent with your intentions, and avoid involving yourself with already deceptive people/organizations since this could reflect on your public image directly even if you’ve not done anything wrong.

□ So, with this aspect, there’s a strong need to always put in the extra work to express yourself & your work in honest means, since trying to be mysterious has a big probability to back-fire on your image.

□ There’s a well of incredible talents this aspect brings to you, and you can always use them for your personal & professional development, since your positive & good intentions will be rewarded well.

Neptune Opposite Midheaven MC

☍ This aspect focuses mainly on your early life & upbringing, since your extra sensitive personality needs truly unconditional love & care from your parents/elders. Also, emphasis may be placed on your home environment, relatives, siblings (if Neptune is in 3H), and home, family, mother figure(s) (if Neptune is in 4H).

☍ So any sense of instability, insecurity, neglect, lack, etc. could have affected your perception on others and yourself. So, it may be imperative that you need caring & understanding parents who are more or less spiritually inclined themselves.

☍ With Neptune representing neglect & toxicity, you may have endured it either due to the absence of one (or both your parents) for various reasons, by elders/relative/siblings, or were brought up in an unstable & toxic household/neighborhood. This could also mean deceitful family members/environments/mindsets, fraudulent behaviors, etc. 

☍ In some cases this could even be something as highly secretive/protected family life (could be both in your childhood &/or in your adulthood with the family you create and home life general).

☍ Your family/parents/siblings could have kept secrets from you, been envious of you, or may have been manipulative you, giving you a cloudy & hazy view on your family life or childhood in general.

☍ You also don’t do well in negative, conflicting, emotionally charged situations/environments since they seem to affect you particularly harshly. 

☍ Depending on other placements/aspects, it could also mean that you either grew up to neglect your own emotional needs & stability or become hyper focused on finding/building your own familial/emotional foundation.

☍ You have the potential to be psychic (especially if in 4H), spirituality and art also play an important role in your personal & professional development.

☍ You might also pursue career(s) that give you a sense of belonging & support, so you are sensitive to your professional development, and might be happy doing things that inspire you spiritually, that helps you develop a profound sense of self with your contributions to the world.

☍ You have a sensitive heart & a wounded inner child, and you may be able to heal your early experiences through your inspiring works & career contributions.

☍ Your compassionate & kind personality will give you much notoriety, your charitable contributions & services will bring you much inner peace, and gain admiration from others.

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