Natal Uranus and Midheaven MC Aspects Sextile Trine Square Inconjunct Quincunx Opposite Conjunct

Uranus Trine Midheaven MC 

△ You’re an innovator, you like to bring the old and the new together. 

△ You have a different approach to your career and life in general, that allows you to explore interesting topics. So, you’ll likely choose a career path that allows you a lot of freedom.

△ You’re hence likely to be extremely skilled and knowledgeable in your preferred career path(s), this with the natural enthusiasm you have to learn new things also means that you’re always a few steps ahead of the crowd.

△ You’re spontaneous in decision making, you’re also methodical in your approach, so you take successful calculated risks.

△ You have a sound intuition. You can make sudden and unexpected jumps in your career path and positions, either forwards or backwards, both with a plan in mind. 

△ Your work might involve bringing different groups of people together, to work for common goals. You might also find a lot of success in careers related to Uranian themes like technology, science, entrepreneurial endeavors, activism, etc. 

△ Your public image is well established even though you tend to make drastic changes in your life and your work. 

△ This uniqueness also attracts a lot of attention, and so you can gain admirers easily. It’s likely that you’re popular, especially if you maintain a positive more innovative self-image and public relations.

△ You have an optimistic outlook on life, and this somehow works out in your favor since you might be led by mysterious circumstances and events that seem out of your control which puts you on the path of success. 

△ You’ll likely work towards careers and causes that make you feel liberated and gives you the opportunity to help others achieve their full potential as well. So, you can make incredible strides in your choice of profession, gain popularity even if your authenticity seems too controversial to others sometimes, and keep evolving further on your life path.

Uranus Conjunct Midheaven MC

☌ You’re a rebel and an innovator. You don’t mind going against the grain.

☌ Although you don’t like to conform to traditions, you will do well following rules and embracing cultures since you might actually be able to stabilize your life with them without foregoing your freedom (especially if there are other placements and aspects that suggest the same).

☌ You are an inspiration to others, so popularity, even immense fame is a good possibility. Many people might want to follow you because of your unique personality and your creative works.

☌ It is however important to be in the good books of karma, since if you are rebelling just for the thrill of it, encouraging dangerous/risky lifestyles and practices, or trying to gain attention in whatever way you think is the easiest, you might end up losing all the fame and favors you were blessed with. Others might catch on to your unreliable/unstable behaviors and distance themselves, or even greatly criticize you. So, although you have the ability to break from any forms of restrictions, you’re still bound by the laws of karma, and so everything you do often has an immediate effect on you, especially since it’s about MC.

☌ On the other hand, you can inspire many to find their creativity, freedom and happiness through diligence and dedication, helping them change their perspective on life, by being a positive example.

☌ You likely have unique skills and talents that you’re able to improve rapidly and apply them to your career path, thereby creating incredible works and breakthroughs. You are also quite intuitive; with other aspects and placements this could also mean that you have latent psychic abilities. Either way, you are comfortable in taking spontaneous risks and land safely on your feet, although backfiring can happen if you’re led by bad intentions.

☌ You’ll do well in Uranian related careers like Technology, entrepreneurial endeavors, science, activism, etc. You might have the feeling that you’re led by higher forces towards successful paths in life through sudden and mysterious events. 

☌ Since Uranus here is also Opposite IC, it’s likely that your relations with family and spouse(s) is quite rocky, especially when you’re overly invested in your career. So, a good work-life balance is important. This also might mean that you hate being controlled by your family/parents, so you wouldn’t want to do the same with your own family/kids. 

☌ Freedom of expression in life and career are extremely important to you, since you might feel constrained by a lot of responsibilities or rules, this could also affect your mental health (especially if Uranus is in 10H). So, you might do well with collaborating with people who can help you stay focused on things without feeling overwhelmed.

☌ You’ll likely create immense changes in your life and that of others, creating unusual yet innovative opportunities and solutions, making a greater impact on the world (for better or for worse), and so creating a remarkable life with your own hands.

Uranus Inconjunct/Quincunx Midheaven MC

There is a restless energy inside of you that provokes you to make sudden and drastic changes in your life.

You often feel confined in a system, since you have incredible skills and talents that you harness almost intuitively, you feel the desperate need to break free, but this feeling of urgency might just be your intense need to succeed and not really about restrictions.

So, you can find yourself in deep trouble every-time you rush into things out of pure desperation, even if you feel that you’re being led intuitively, there’s a need for grounding in your approach.

You can however impress others by how spontaneously you come up with solutions, create incredible works of inspiration, etc. 

Hence, it’s important to pace your intense drive for success instead of diving headfirst. Especially since you’ve a lot to gain, and even more to lose.

You are a rebel, but you might have to introspect your motives before going against establishments/authorities. When you’re working for sensible causes, you’ll find that many others will stand with you, and when you’re rebelling just for the sake of it, or without any solid reasoning you’ll be severely criticized. 

This is also true when it comes to your career, you can be an entrepreneur or lead others in a group setting, but you’ll have to tap into your natural talents of bringing like-minded people together to work for common goals.

So, you’ve the ability to create immense changes in both your life and that of others’, you are a source of inspiration to others whether you realize it or not. 

Following traditions and certain rules might not really be a bad thing with this aspect, especially since you need a solid foundation to build from. So, you can always change what you believe in and what needs to be discarded after giving things some time for deliberation. 

You’ll likely work through your inner rebel and use it to propel forward instead of giving into its intensity, create inspiring works, gain a lot of wisdom and hence respect, find the right balance to uphold your independence without rebelling defensively, to succeed steadily on your path through your career endeavors and social causes.

Uranus Square Midheaven MC

□ You have a desperate need to be independent just so you can be free to express your true self. You feel frustrated even with the least bit of restrictions, especially if you had a harsh childhood with parents/family that were traditional/in some high position in society to act/behave a certain way.

□ These ongoing conflicts both outside and inside of you might even show up as extreme acts of rebelliousness, risky behaviors/acts/habits, mental health issues, etc.

□ This could also make you unrelenting, so you might not even explain yourself to others, there’s also a danger of being too reckless in your actions and their consequences, especially in your career endeavors.

□ There’s a desperate need for grounding, since you don’t like to be told what to do, you might have to understand the importance of it all by yourself. After a certain point in life, even the success/fame you amass might start slipping through your fingers, due to lack of solid & reliable foundation.

□ If you have a grounding influence in your life, like family/friends/partners, it is advised to take their opinions into consideration every now & then without feeling criticized. 

□ You’re able to create incredible things through the sheer power of your unique talents. There’s a lot of untapped potential inside of you, that needs patience and careful maturing process. So, when you rush before you’re truly ready or make hasty decisions just for the sake of it, you might miss opportunities or ruin them altogether before seeing them come to full fruition. 

□ You’re able to make immense changes in your life and career through your own need for excitement but it's also important not to get addicted to the thrill of it all, since you might either be going too fast or out of sync missing out on the right timing.

□ There’s a lot of inner frustration, that even with maturity & age can keep coming back up as impulsivity, self-sabotaging behaviors, callousness, etc. 

□ So, it's important to have a solid sense of self and a healthy respect for others - family, friends and public as a whole. 

□ You’ll likely work towards finding an inner & outer balance, productive ways to express your creative inner tensions, learn to depend on others while maintaining a healthy sense of independence, pave your own unique path to success hence inspiring others on their journey and attain success and recognition in your career endeavors & life in general.

Uranus Opposite Midheaven MC (Conjunct IC)

☍ This aspect emphasizes on your childhood since Uranus is also conjunct IC. Your childhood might have been chaotic in some way, either constant turmoil with parents/family members, lack of emotional or financial stability/security, emotionally unavailable/absent caretakers, etc.

☍ This could have been your early foundation; you might have learnt how to detach from others emotionally and not form stable/deep connections with others and rely only on yourself growing up.

☍ It’s also likely that you might want to create a much stable home/family for yourself in your adulthood or might not settle for any emotional commitments altogether. 

☍ This ability to detach emotionally might bring you great success in your career path, since you’re able to focus all your mental fortitude towards your goals.

☍ However, your inability to form deep & lasting bonds with others might become a detriment to your further ascent no matter how much you try to push through your rational intellect alone.

☍ You might also lose your own sense of stability as a result, since with time you might realize that you’re shutting yourself out while rejecting/detaching from others. 

☍ There’s a need to reconnect with your emotional space in order to open yourself up to your own untapped potentials since your creativity is highly based on your intuition and emotions not just on your intellectual talents.

☍ You’ve an inspiring personality, many people might be drawn towards your uniqueness. You can make essential connections and collaborations to further elevate on your career path.

☍ This also adds to your popularity. Although its important to show humility since the very people who admire you for your incredible works might turn their backs on you due to your indifferent attitude which can seem like arrogance to them.

☍ You’ll likely create inspiring works, pave your own unique path to success, gain fame and respect, while encouraging others to embrace their independence. 

Uranus Sextile Midheaven MC

✱ You’ve an optimistic outlook on life, and full confidence in yourself that helps in making spontaneous decisions to succeed.

✱ You intuitively understand the flow of trends and timing, so you know when to act and when to wait.

✱ You’re able to attract impressive opportunities to advance on your career path through your resourcefulness and connections with influential people, sometimes these opportunities seem like miraculous events guiding you towards success.

✱ You’ve a natural talent to bring people of different backgrounds together to work towards a common goal, so you’re usually successful in collaborative endeavors and leadership positions.

✱ You’ve talents within, that seem untapped at first, yet you might surprise yourself when you discover them out of the blue while working on spontaneous projects.

✱ Your career path might not have been initially established, since you have an open mind about the way to success helping you advance in unexpected ways. 

✱ You can have incredible jumps in your career/public life, and equally long falls, depending on how well-planned your risks are.

✱ You can create inspiring works, and your uniqueness adds to your public image drawing in many who admire you.

✱ You don’t mind following paths less travelled all while embracing traditional methods of approaching career. This often works in your favor. There’s however a danger of being too calculative and risking it all on one bet of an innovative idea. You’ll have to make realistic plans before taking huge leaps since your previous successes don’t guarantee that luck will always favor your recklessness.

✱ You’ll likely create unique works, make alternate and creative paths to success, inspiring many through your daring personality, gaining fame, position, and respect along your career & life path.

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