Natal Chiron in Aries (1st House)

You might have had vivid memories of your childhood, but the bad times can haunt you deeply in your adulthood. You might have insecurities about your appearance or the way you present yourself. You can suffer from many sudden or chronic illnesses with this placement. There’s an overall lack of self-confidence that can leave you crippled in tense situations. You might even have toxic patterns of talking yourself down and eventually sabotaging many opportunities that could have helped you succeed in life. This self-defeating behavior might have been very prominent in your childhood, but with age and maturity you might have realized how to pace yourself a lot better. You also have a fear of success that you need to keep fighting against in order not to abandon your plans or goals. 

You are incredibly talented, you are a born leader and others look up to you for how courageous you are, but you might have a hard time seeing yourself in that light. Your early life experiences have a lot of influence over your current decisions/choices even if just subconsciously. You have all the capabilities to go on solo-ventures and succeed in your endeavors, but you hold back from being in the spotlight or walking ahead of the pack. You are really good at encouraging others to leave their comfort zone and go after their dreams but have a hard time doing the same. You might even get afraid of change in life directions, since you have an inner wound of things often not going your way. 

This placement can also make you a lil’ pessimistic about your life in general, where you automatically expect everything to go wrong. Your words have an incredible power. You know how to lead by example, and your shadow work can inspire many. You could motivate crowds if you wished to, just by how naturally charismatic you’re. You know how to accept your flaws, even when you’re being pessimistic about yourself, you already have enough inner understanding to embrace your flaws. You are passionate in everything you do; you have to give yourself credit for how hard you work. You can keep reaching farther than you planned every-time you embrace success and failure without rejecting or discrediting your efforts. 

You will have to take care of your health, being conscious of how much stress & extra work you are taking in. Anger issues by either unregulated outbursts or pent-up resentment can also be an issue that can cause problems in your physical/mental health. Paying close attention to how you regulate your anger or disagreement can also help you to express your feelings to your loved ones and form stronger bonds. You might even feel overwhelmed of being the leader, but you must already know that you are fully capable of handling all the responsibilities and risks. 

Being active and getting out of your comfort zone every now and then can help you gain your self-confidence and use your hard-earned talents/skills productively in the process. So, even when you feel like you’re lagging behind, you are not, you are ahead of your game, all you need to do is to keep believing in yourself - the hardest thing for you with this placement and take a risk on yourself once in a while to give yourself the chance to accomplish your dream-life.

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