Natal Saturn in Taurus (2nd House) Generation 🌴✨

Natal Saturn in the sign & house of Taurus is a more comfortable placement. The hard-working and dedicated nature of Taurus/2H is an incredible boost to Saturn’s ethics. There’s also a stigma to this placement since Saturn in the house/sign of Money & materialistic abundance can be a lot of extra work, but Saturn here will help you build a solid and unshakable foundation for your financial security. You might experience delays or obstacles in attaining certain material or financial goals, yet you will also understand in due time that those detours where blessings in disguise. 

You will gain a lot of experience through many tough lessons regarding time-management, money management and dependability. You might even have the mindset of doing everything all by yourself which will further cultivate a strong work-ethic. Your resources are always a concern since you value everything you have & own through your efforts. But this excessive need to preserve or save for a rainy day might make you a miser if you are not being careful, since such a mindset could also turn into Poverty-consciousness. 

Saturn here teaches you about self-sustainability but there is no need to feel lack when there is plenty. So, being aware of your resources is a great way to stay in control of your financial stability but also allowing yourself to enjoy what you have acquired through your own hard work every now and then is not such a bad thing to do either. You might even be really good at taking care of everything you own, so you know how to safeguard your possessions and maintain them responsibly. You might not see the hype in extravagance since you value good quality things, since you know that expensive doesn’t always mean quality or class. You know how to set healthy standards for the things you own, buy, sell, make, etc. 

You might also like to collect things that you feel are helpful for a later day, but once again, if you are doing it with a poverty-mindset, you might feel more pressured in maintaining the responsibility than in actually utilizing them. However, you are also good at discerning quantity and quality, so this good judgement comes in handy both in materialistic and relationship choices. You will have to be careful not to become too stingy with your money & generosity, since your help can mean the world to those who may need it, so holding yourself back just because you feel you don’t have enough when you actually do will only weigh on your conscience.

Your early upbringing might have had a profound effect on the way you saw life later on. You were either born into a wealthy family with a lot of pressure to maintain the status or in a humble family with a lot of pressure to maintain financial stability. In both circumstances, there could have been a sense of lack that might have affected your inner stability (sometimes, this placement could also mean that you might have experienced lack & poverty at a certain point in your life). You might even realize in your adulthood, the need to break certain generational curses/patterns with regards to relationships or money. 

You take your values, traditions and culture very seriously. You might even be quite traditional (even if it's not particularly religious) in your views and have strong opinions on morals. You highly value ethics and don’t stand for any form of vulgarity. You might even detest people who seem to bring negativity into your life, since you don’t like anyone or anything constantly creating chaos, drama or instability, so you are likely to remove such distracting connections or elements. Basically, you don’t encourage or participate in any kind of nonsense. 

You might work hard to elevate your status and social position, especially your living surroundings and community. You except to live a certain standard of lifestyle and you will eventually attain them through your diligence and intentions. You might like to have a pleasantly decorated house or a minimalistic setting, either way, you pay attention to the details, and maintain a clean aesthetic. Relationships during your early years may have been particularly difficult or tense. But, with time and maturity you might notice improvements in your friendships, relationships and other professional contacts due to your willingness to slowly open your heart to positive and uplifting connections. 

You are loyal and value commitments so you might consider solid relationships over flings. You might not be the type to jump into anything without thinking things through either, so you take time to assess the person and situation before you make anything official. You are likely to enjoy stable and reliable connections. Romance and sex are important parts of your intimate relationship, so you except to be with someone who is equally mature and loyal. You might even marry someone who is financially stable and emotionally secure. You might wish to create financial security with your partner through sharing resources or building sources of income together. 

Your status, professional success, social position and financial stability can determine your self-esteem & vice versa. Lack mentality can affect both your self-worth and your productivity. You might be prone to self-criticism which can reflect on your health, self & body image as well. You are good with creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Although, you might have to face some health issues (especially in your early years) that will remind you to take care of yourself. 

Self-care, workout or physical activities, hobbies, etc. may be helpful in your routines. Occasional R&R may also be essential since you deserve to give yourself the permission to just relax and have a care-free day or two. Your food and nutritional choices must be carefully curated as well, since you might be a picky eater, or you like to maintain a healthy diet. This can even make you health-conscious in your early adulthood, but again, you will have to be careful not to over-exert yourself or neglect your well-being due to excessive self-criticism. 

You are a hard worker, you cultivate your work-ethic through effort and experience, so you also know how to handle stress and responsibilities very well. You make no excuses when it comes to your work/duties. You might even be very big on time-management and hate to be late. You have a stern personality that helps you make difficult yet necessary decisions, so you might even consider careers with entrepreneurial, managerial or leadership roles. You take decisive steps towards your goals, you make methodical plans, you might even be meticulous in their execution, so you take your own time to reach your goals. 

You are ambitious and you set long-term intentions, you like climbing the mountain of success. You might even enjoy high positions as a result of your ingenuity and efforts. You are humble, respectful, graceful and hence admired by many. Your solid personality garners much respect from your peers and loved ones alike. You are also likely to build wealth and abundance over time, either through a satisfying career or successful business(s) and other sources of income.

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