Natal Saturn in Libra (7th House) Generation 🌹✨

With Saturn in the house/sign of relationships, contracts and public relations, can be a mix of polarities just like the symbol of Libra being a balance-scale. You are a humble and responsible person. You are graceful and respect your commitments. You have a serious and stoic approach to relationships of all kinds even when you are burning with passion inside. You are a just person and would never do or say anything that can hurt somebody on purpose. You might have a deep interest in law and justice as a whole. You might even do well in careers relating to the public, finances, fashion, entertainment, Human Resources, law, etc. You have a clear view of any situation that demands your attention especially if you are called to negotiate on behalf of someone else. Through your life experiences, you can be good with communication/people skills and know how to express your opinions. You are calm and collected in your interactions with others, especially in business/professional settings. Others often believe/trust your decisions, they may even come to you for guidance. You are well-respected and admired by everyone around you. 

The same way, you might feel that some people come to you only when they need something from you, or some may even intend to become your lifelong responsibility. So, you might feel that most relationships in your life are just burdensome, especially if they are constantly taking advantage of your kindness. You might have a lot of admiration for women/feminine figures in your life or you might even have troubles with/from feminine figures in your life or both. You are a great friend and a confidant. You might be shy or reluctant to new friendships but when you open-up to someone, you are willing to fully trust them and be their solace. You value friendships deeply. You might not always like a big social circle, but you surely enjoy your time with your most trusted friends. You will however have to be careful who you let into your life, even as a friend, since you might encounter many who may not have the best of intentions for you. You will also have to be truthful in your heart about how you treat those you call your friends, since any form of disloyalty will eventually get exposed risking your reputation.

Romantic relationships play a much more important role in your life. You are a loyal and passionate lover. You are always there for your partner no matter what the circumstance. You are dependable and compassionate. Hence, you will need someone who can match your loyalty in every way as well. But most of your early relationships (including romantic, business, or platonic) may have been extremely disappointing. You might have experienced a lot of difficulties like miscommunications, misunderstandings, etc. or even dangerous situations like abuse, manipulation, scandalous cheating, etc., which may have left you feeling devastated and robbed emotionally. You might have learnt a lot about yourself through such relationships leading you to reconsider your choices and introspecting on who truly deserves your love. This is a vital lesson that Saturn here will teach you throughout your early life. Since, in some ways, you might not have fully understood who you want, what kind of relationship suits you best and how it can truly make you happy. 

Marriage, hence, becomes a matter of clear perspective of not just your feelings but also practicality. You might have experienced major delays or disappointments in relationships that you rushed into without fully understanding your needs & how the other person may be a good fit for you or not. So, if you are considering marriage or a serious commitment, even when you are sure of the other person, it may be wise to wait and gain a full perspective of what you are getting into, taking things a little slower can save you a lot of trouble if there are any such possibilities. Especially with this placement, it may also be a wise choice to wait until your first Saturn return (29-31) before getting married if you are looking forward to one. Since, Saturn is the planet of binding & responsibility, so most relationships or contracts that you get into will be a lasting one, painfully or blissfully, either way, you will be committed for a long time with this placement. This can also indicate that, if you were ever involved in a toxic relationship, it might have been a lot of struggle and hardship to remove yourself out of it. 

Libra/7H also has an element of karma to it, so relationships in your life can have a touch of karma, somehow relating to your past life(s) or generational curses. Hence, relationships play such a significant role in your life for karmic reasons where you might even be breaking negative cycles & generational patterns. So, you can expect to reap karmic rewards in the form of a loving & prosperous relationship/marriage. You might be attracted to older people or even have relationships with a significant age gap, either way, you might be interested in mature and stable partners. Your early experiences may have made you reluctant to any relationship that is not peaceful and brings constant drama into your life. So, you might prefer to have a caring, compassionate, practical and responsible partner.

You might have similar experiences with business and professional partnerships where you could have seen your fair share of either toxic or trustworthy ones. You are a skilled negotiator, and you can have a good grasp on business acumen, so you will be able to make great strides in business deals and other professional contracts. You will however have to be careful while signing contracts, be it business or marriage/commitment related, since fraudulence or hidden clauses may become troublesome. You might even have to fight for your rights/freedom through the law & justice system. You have a friendly yet reserved personality that attracts a lot of people’s attention even when sometimes you might not be in the mood to socialize. You can make resourceful contacts and have helpful people on your side through your excellent people skills. You are a great host especially in a professional setting, you know how to convey your opinions and hence you can impress others easily. 

You might not like public interactions especially in a crowded event, but you enjoy your time when you are with your loved ones. You will have to make the best use of such occasions since you love to make & cherish happy memories. With time, you can gain a good reputation through your graceful demeanor and attain high social standing as well. You are quite popular even if you don’t acknowledge it. But you will have to be cautious of how you are presenting yourself to others. Since, if you are not sure of who you are, or if you don’t feel confident/comfortable enough, others may easily misunderstand you unless you openly express yourself. You might notice how every interaction with others in your life somehow adds to your maturity in a way. Hence, your biggest teachers are other people, who are a reflection of you (Libra/7H). So, you will realize a lot about yourself through those who love/hate you. 

You might have people who openly oppose you or envy you, but you are also someone who is not deeply bothered by such people since you are always looking for practical solutions and hence you don’t often mind responding to others’ spitefulness or petty behavior. Saturn here will expect you to hold yourself up to a high degree of standard when it comes to your interactions with others in all kinds of relationships/partnerships. Anyone who has devious intentions or has caused you grievances will be karmically dealt with and likewise, you will be expected to uphold truth and hence be righteous in how you treat others. So, any form of superficiality, envious/petty behaviors, negative intentions/evil eye, toxic patterns, etc. will also be karmically dealt with (either in your favor or against you depending on your actions/responses). This placement will bring you karmic justice & rewards, helping you in forming and maintaining balanced, prosperous, fulfilling & peaceful relationships. 

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