A Special Chiron & North Node Conjunction in Aries | March 5, 2024 Transit Astrology

Chiron has moved through half of Aries as of 2023 while North Node is preparing to move further into Aries since its Transit in July 2023. With a Special meeting of the Nodes of Destiny & the Wounded Healer, this year will be a major turning point in our lives. Chiron & North Node have been close to each other since the start of 2024 and will have an exact Conjunction on March 5th, 2024. Since, late February & March will likely be extra tense Astrologically indeed.

Chiron in Aries since 2018 has opened up a new Chapter in our healing journey, with beginnings that seem incomplete or unattainable. Looking back, the last 5-6 years have been a major step in the right direction when it comes to confronting our own ego, identity & confidence struggles. We have been on a long road of Self-Discovery, “back to your Soul”. A lot of things have changed about our view on life & our goals as a result as well. So, although this has been a tough transit, we have been working on how to reconnect to ourselves and how to respect our calling. But, Chiron in Aries also has a dark side, since Aries as an archetype sometimes has a (big) problem with criticism, even from oneself, so anger issues must have become apparent, especially lately. 

With Saturn transiting in an extra (extra) sensitive sign like Pisces, we seem to be currently working through a million triggers all at the same time. It is certainly not easy to confront every painful memory, mistake, failure, trauma & disappointment simultaneously with Chiron in Aries. Although, this is a great challenge to overcome, it’s still a significant leap in our own character development. So, if you have been feeling extremely stuck and unable to explore your own potential (especially since the last 2-3 years), then you are likely feeling the sting of disappointment and a tinge of sadness for how things have turned out (or not). One thing that can make us a little blameless is Saturn’s presence in Pisces, slowing down our entire life just to make sure that we deal with the key elements of our healing journey before we take the next step. So, delays are just preparation for the next big moves that we are desperately ready to make. 

Pluto has also walked into Aquarius on Jan 21st, just at the door step (once again) before it Retrogrades for one last time into Capricorn this year. A historic transit will finally begin, which with Chiron & North Node’s Conjunction will make it a magnificent Astrological event. North Node in Aries started with the tense Square of Pluto last year and that made us acutely aware of many things that we may have been ignoring or hiding from even ourselves. Triggers were everywhere, like walking in a minefield. Those triggers will now be amplified, a lot more sensitive to even an exhale. So, if you couldn’t deal with some of the things that came up last year, or you weren’t fully aware of the magnitude of those triggers, the beginning of this year will make it impossible, absolutely inescapable. 

South Node in Libra will bring up many uncomfortable feelings with regards to certain relationships that don’t seem to fit into our life anymore, while North Node in Aries will bring out our own behaviors, character flaws, insecurities & attitudes that don’t seem to be elevating us on our life path. Issues with setting goals & staying committed to them, or even initiating them over the recent years can bring feelings of self-blame; while codependency or inconsistency in either your effort or others’ in your personal relationships can cause major distress. There is likely a lot of resentment, either on others who held us back or on ourselves. Repressed anger & perpetual disappointment seem to be all that is on the mind. So, it is likely that you are looking back at the last few years (to a decade) and analyzing how you might have done something’s a lot differently. Your sense of self is slowly coming out of its hibernation, a period of rest where you had to heal internally and have patience with yourself while you are going through such an enlightening process. 

Waking up to your conscious world where everything in your life has slowed down significantly and even halted for sometime can feel agonizingly overwhelming. But, this is also where your innate sense of self & patience come to your rescue. Making drastic adjustments & momentous changes to your life may be the very first impulse (thanks to Pluto’s Transit into Aquarius), but you might also realize just how much you have evolved as a person (from within to without). Your vision for the future has likely altered significantly, elevating your goals & ambitions, your passions are likely just getting ready to gear back up again. Although there is enthusiasm for the future, there is also a sense of regret or apathy, a little hint of melancholy. This can also be a great period for some quality alone-time, heart-to-heart conversation with your loved ones or even for therapy sessions. 

With Chiron simultaneously Opposing South Node in Libra, your feminine energy seems to be realizing just how much pain you might have ignored, to the point of suppression. Masculine energy might have felt a complete power-down-moment lately, feeling the lack of passion for life in general. This is a clear connection to Pluto’s square in Capricorn early on in 2023, which is catching up with us now with Chiron’s involvement. So, if you have been ultra feminine or masculine lately just to overcompensate for the other energy within, you likely felt the major imbalance between the two, which is intensified by the Conjunction of Mars & Venus to Pluto in Aquarius (not to mention the Moon & Sun Conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn). 

This is hence also likely a reason as to why dealing with certain people (let’s say Masculine and/or Feminine figures) is now a lot more complicated. Especially if you are Feminine, you might have felt a sudden shift in your romantic interest or ideals about love as well, especially if you felt as if Masculine figures haven’t showed up in the way you deserve or if you have been constantly let down in the recent years. If you are a Masculine, it might have been one thing after another that has been reminding you to go within and confront your fears and find self-acceptance since there may be things that you are either suppressing or trying to run away from within yourself, which has been affecting the way you express your feelings in personal relationships and significantly stifling your productivity/goals.

You might have experienced a big explosive reaction from someone near & dear to you, or you might have been agitated lately to the point of an emotional outburst. There is a clear certainty of explosive anger and uncontrollable frustration. You can easily direct all your pent up rage onto someone unsuspecting, or vice versa. But, this can immediately make you feel regretful of your outburst, whether it was justifiable or not. Feeling hopelessly lost can seem devastating, yet even a little faith in your goals or that wonderful future that you dreamt about might be holding you together, as tightly & earnestly as possible. So, even though chances for self-sabotage or frustrations to give up can overwhelm you, you are likely to stand back up and fight the good fight, knowing intuitively that there is an equally important turning point just ahead that can change everything for the better, that one breakthrough-moment that we have all been desperately waiting for.

North Node & South Node are in the signs of Aries & Libra, which clearly & distinctly represent Masculine & Feminine energies of the universe in Astrology, so, this transit for the next 1 year will be significant in helping us recalibrate our Yin-Yang balance. Whatever is your sex or sexual preference, you are likely able to identify any blocks in the flow of your energy that may have substantially affected your inner balance over the years. So, this Conjunction is truly a great opportunity to get back into that inner divine balance, honoring your Masculine & Feminine energy, being vulnerable to yourself in order to address any grievance, fear or disappointment within. Confronting your own anger with compassion, listening to your suppressed emotions, responding to your feelings, tapping back into your inner strength & equipping yourself with your passion will become more of a desperate yet natural urge, which can start as immense frustration and turning quickly into unstoppable determination.

All the pent up frustrations of not being able to move forward at your expected pace, not believing enough in your own self or maybe even regretting not taking action on important goals/relationships will open you up to your wounds, making you completely vulnerable with no room to hide from your own self. Being absolutely honest about your feelings & your intentions for your life will also open up doors of opportunities that you might have missed or not considered ever before. In many ways, waking up to your highest potential & self-acceptance without any fear of success/failure or insecurity will lead you to your true-self; (with North Node here) as being unapologetically yourself will be the key to open the portal to your destiny, wrapping up unfinished lessons & karma to leave them behind in 2023. This New Year of 2024 can hence (literally) help you meet your “New Me”. So, you will be able to get reacquainted with yourself in a whole new way, like you have never before. A refreshing sigh of relief, even an overwhelming feeling of being quenched from within. Explore the wonders of your inner world and get ready to be fired up by your renewed passions. May this be a wonderful start of a brand new journey. πŸš€✨

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