New Moon in Scorpio 2023 Deep Purge & Sacred Transformation, Nov 13 2023 Transits Astrology 2023

This New Moon in Scorpio is going to be extra potent and powerful. Mars, the Ruler of Scorpio is home for the season and involved in some really tense aspects, while Pluto the Modern (Co-) Ruler of Scorpio is out of a long Retrograde in Capricorn and currently chilling in the sky with easy aspects. So, this New Moon is going to be an intense one (certainly not for the faint of heart). Uranus in Taurus seems to be single handedly fighting off the Mars, Moon & Sun in Scorpio Opposition. There are high possibilities for conflicts, chaos & destruction. But, there is also healing, focus on peace & compromise with Venus, Jupiter & Neptune making subtle efforts to calm this important opposition.

There is a general dissatisfaction with where life is going and how far we have come, Pluto is still Square North Node in Aries after all. Along with the Opposition of Uranus in Taurus to Sun, Moon & Mars in Scorpio, this New Moon can bring up the very basic yet fundamental issues to the surface. Trigger-points are likely to be on the surface of your skin around this time, so touch-sensitive that they can be activated even by a gentle breeze. Everything can trigger you now, sensitivity is high. This can be frustrating yet can also lead to immense transformations. Internal struggles can easily manifest as external conflicts right now, so it is wise to deal with your inner frustrations all by yourself. :( And definitely not starting any arguements with anyone even if you feel provoked)  

The current climate of both emotional & financial state can lead to concerning feelings of not being enough or not having enough. Although that’s putting it lightly, it can bring up memories from the past (especially recent) that wreak a havoc on your self-esteem. Mars Conjunct Moon & Sun can bring up feelings of “let’s go make things happen”, but Uranus’s opposition although conducive to the idea can still act as a “Start & Stop” button which can be frustrating. Fixed signs will take the brunt of this New Moon’s intensity, much like the the recent Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. So, if you are a Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or Aquarius, you might already be feeling this highly electric tension in the air where you can feel yourself on the edge of a cliff, a cliff of a scary yet magnificent change. 

This Opposition can be productive, with Mars & Uranus’s very similar inclination to turn any & every situation into their favor. So, the tension & intensity you are feeling in one area of your life, you can easily direct it into another and get positive results, essentially redefining being a “Diamond under Pressure”. Since, there is a lot of extra energy (and then some more) to expend on anything that you wish to focus on. The only downside is this funny (not so) emotional disassociation that can come with it. Especially if you are dealing with a lot, all at once. Let’s say you are working on your financial stability at this time, and your family/love life is well-balanced, you are still likely to feel completely disappointed by your financial situation & probably even feel dissatisfied in your loving connections, and vice versa. If both, you are likely to feel the pain of the imbalance and still go on with concentrating on the most immediate problem. There is hence a good time to create your own breakthroughs in areas of your life where you have felt the most unjustly disappointed in.

Either way, there is a surprisingly good judgement on how to handle crisis or imbalanced energies in your life. Scorpio’s ability to alchemize hardships into opportunity and Taurus’s ability to bring consistent effort will lead to excellent outcomes. There is also a general theme of being oddly in control of yourself. Your emotional intelligence is going to be higher than usual almost with surgical precision. So, you know when to speak out and when not to. This level of emotional discernment can greatly help Saturn’s Opposition to Mercury. Mercury in Sagittarius might be quick on speaking up on your grievances & even demanding other’s to listen, but Saturn in Pisces (freshly out of Retrograde) can bring out inner wounds of not being heard or being ignored, even victimized for speaking up. Voicing your opinions will however be vital especially if they are related to social causes or even just calling out people’s bad behavior. 

There is also the dire need to uphold your integrity, and gaining back your sovereignty with Saturn’s Opposition to Lilith making a T-Square with Mercury. Welcome criticism this week, but also make sure that you have your boundaries firm in place. If you don’t like harsh or negative comments & criticism, you don’t have to entertain them. Reevaluating your standards is a big theme with Pisces & Scorpio Transits Opposing Virgo & Taurus’. A general dismay for hyper-criticism or pessimism can actually bring you back into your inner peace all while taking accountability for your actions 

While Pluto in Capricorn is being the silent instigator this week; Venus, Neptune & Jupiter are serving as the silent balancers. With Positive Aspects, Venus & Neptune are making sure to keep the peace (at the best, inner peace). Jupiter although Retrograde is still trying his best to make sure that this time period even with it’s suspenseful tension can bring positive & prosperous outcomes. This astrological climate is hence waking us, the collective to a bigger and wider reality highlighting the importance of resolving inner conflicts and embracing the transformation that comes with it. This is a significant period of catharsis that will bring many wonderful results. 

(On a side note: With Moon Opposing Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter Rx in Taurus, the frustrations of any & every kind can prompt you to over-indulge, so if you have issues with eating or spending, it is best not to go overboard with either. Since, although it can feel satisfying at the moment to do so, it is still wise not to let it become a coping mechanism at this time. There is also a risk of being hyper-focused on everything you are doing, with Mars & Uranus. Although, paying too much attention intently on any task/project can bring you closer to achieving perfection now, but it can also make you lose yourself in the minute-details easily. There is no need to over compensate for anything that you have or have not done in the past either, since you can be tempted to “Go, Go, Go!!!” which can leave you exhausted. Patience and a steady pace towards progress will be your best friends for success. There is a fair chance of overwhelming truth that can come out through the magic of Scorpio season, so be prepared for intense downloads or even uncomfortable clarity, epiphanies & revelations.)

The recent Taurus Eclipse in Oct ended huge cycles from our past, New Moon in Scorpio now is bringing a finality to even deeper cycles. Subconscious thoughts & even memories that may have haunted you for ages may suddenly come to the surface creating an inner atmosphere of fear or paranoia, only to be purged once & for all. Envy, jealousy, hate, resentment, etc. are natural projections of our lives, but they are also energies can be positively transmuted through self-reflection. So, if you are receiving such negative projections, you are likely to handle it with more emotional maturity than ever before. While, if you are the one feeling intense negativity, you are likely to see yourself in situations where you will have to face all those feelings and (almost) forced to reflect on them for your own self-development, since Saturn in Pisces & Pluto in Capricorn are playing games about our negative egotistical tendencies. Hence, this can be a deeply & painfully healing period in time, with the release of toxicity & negativity from within our subconscious and without in our life. 

Your mood swings, intense feeling of dread, paranoia through uncertainty, self-hate, self-pity, sudden sadness, explosive anger, etc. can tire you out now sooner than ever before. But, all this intense purging has it’s own unique purpose, with Moon’s immensely cathartic yet positive influence. If at any point, you feel that you are imploding under the immense pressure that this astrological sky is putting you through, remember to access your vast expanse of inner strength. So, instead of looking outward for answers, go inward to settle tumultuous sea of emotions within. Trust in yourself and the process, your intuition is leading you somewhere wonderful. Use this New Moon to completely close out any cycle/pattern of behavior/connection/thought pattern that you have out grown and completed karmically. With Neptune, Jupiter & Venus’s positive influence, believe in a better tomorrow where you will get to enjoy your just rewards of prosperity & a harmonious life. You might not have the maps yet, but this uncharted territory in-front of you holds all your wishes, dreams & desires, so get ready to jump in with faith. You got this ;) πŸ¦‹

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