Natal Pluto and Ascendant Aspects Square Opposite Quincunx Inconjunct Sextile Trine Conjunct

Pluto Sextile Ascendant 

✱ You have an intense yet a friendly personality. 

✱ This aspect can be regarded as one with lesser drama compared to many other Pluto aspects.

✱ Persistent, confident, hardworking, creative, compassionate.

✱ People in positions of power seem to naturally gravitate towards you, so you usually have good contacts of helpful people.

✱ You are quite influential yourself, who can motivate people in many aspects of life.

✱ A lot of people may look up to you because of your brave & confident personality.

✱ Your sexy & alluring aura, can attract a lot of people who are deeply invested in relationships with you.

✱ You can make friends everywhere you go, even though you encounter a bit of jealousy here & a bit of hate there, you lead an overall fulfilling social life with trustworthy people, weeding out the unnecessary every now & then.

✱ Like other Pluto aspects, you can deeply influence others & transform yourself by helping others.

✱ You can attract many admirers without a lot of negative attention. 

Pluto Square Ascendant 

 This aspect is almost like a double-edged sword, since Pluto’s controlling nature can take advantage of your deep-rooted fears much easily in this aspect.

 It’s that, “kill or be killed” mindset that usually gets misunderstood, which you must learn not to give-into. 

 This constant need to stay on-guard, to defend yourself usually works against your true intentions, coming off as being arrogant & snobbish. 

 You might offend others and get offended even more easily. Confrontational sometimes without any reason.

 There’s a need to learn the importance of compromise, and how it can build one’s image & personal character in the long run.

 A lot of people are curious about you & sometimes can show (with other bad aspects/contacts to Lilith) almost stalker-ish behaviors which could make you want to recluse even more.

 So, most others think you are wearing a mask, hiding something important, etc. when truly you are not. Regardless, you should show your intentions with pride without the fear of being taken advantage of.

 Family could be a problem to your public image (with Pluto usually Conjunct MC or IC). Your family members may be jealous/manipulative/have a dark past etc. which could make you extra cautious as to how this can potentially affect your PR.

 That headstrong, goal-oriented, go-getter warrior attitude will always be commendable, helping you achieve your ambitions.

 Usually in a leadership position, you can either inspire people around you to work with you by believing in others and having enough professional faith or can make others feel used/controlled, by resorting to manipulations due to lack of trust in others and a perceived sense of fear & autonomy. 

 In worst case scenarios, there can be a tendency to attract dangerous people who may put you through physical/mental/psychological trauma or you could end up doing this to someone else. 

 You have a strong physically attractive aura that can easily draw in a lot of admirers, sometimes an obsessive fan base(s).

Pluto Inconjunct/Quincunx Ascendant 

A painfully transformative aspect.

You might have had a traumatic childhood with many disappointing incidents either in your own life or those around you.

Deep rooted trust issues especially about adults can mess with the way you view other relationships as you grow up.

Injustice rattles you to the core (more pronounced here compared to other Pluto aspects).

Counselling & therapy may help you immensely in your adulthood, where unlocking each inner resentment can open up blocks in your current situations (especially issues related to trusting others and being vulnerable without feeling threatened).

Problems relating to personal power & control over one’s life are a big theme in your life.

This aspect shows exactly how powerful Pluto’s ability to turn “pain into power” is. Every inner wound you heal, will level you up in life simultaneously, giving you possess deep transformational abilities.

Pluto Trine Ascendant 

△ Another easy-going Pluto aspect, yet the personal intensity it brings is no joke.

△ You’re extremely attractive in romantic situations & are immensely passionate, you could also experience almost life-changing encounters.

△ Unstoppable drive for success. Motivational life-experiences.

△ One of the very few Pluto aspects that doesn’t intimidate people easily. You have a Friendly & passionate aura that is mysteriously attractive.

△ You’re outgoing and adventurous. 

△ There could be a compulsion to control those who love you, since others in your life almost fall for you/trust you easily. Avoiding that Plutonic impulse will save you from a lot of karmic situations (even retributions).

△ This aspect can give one great manifesting abilities; your undying confidence can become a key.

△ You can attract a lot of admirers in a subtle way. 

Pluto Opposite Ascendant (Conjunct Descendant)

 ☍ This could be a powerful aspect in one’s chart, since there is a good chance of being with/in a position of authority.

☍ If Pluto is in 7H, can give one the ability to have transformative relationships, and in 6H can give one an amazing tenacity to attain more power & position.

☍ Either way, being Conjunct Descendant, One-on-one relationships of all kinds play an important role in your life, and your influence on those people is immense.

☍ A low self-esteem (especially in 7H) can lead to co-dependency, that can attract a lot of abusive/possessive/controlling partners (both in monetary & romantic relationships).

☍ On the flip side, you could be the one taking advantage of/manipulating/ab*sing partners in close-personal relationships.

☍ In 6H can indicate tiresome work-situations with a lot of jealousy/character-assassinations. But when you do stand up for yourself, you can actually turn any situation to your favor, no matter what the outcome may look like, Pluto’s transformative powers will help you learn more about your own capabilities and getting the attention/support of authority figures helping you propel forward.

☍ Although this aspect is challenging to handle since it involves people you interact with on a daily basis and those you believe to be close to you, it also gives you the ability to ascend higher in life when you learn how to recognize the fakes (& the creeps) from the real ones in life.

☍ Pluto in 6H/7H & Conjunct Descendant is quite powerful since both relate to resources & connections which can become helpful when aiming to create a legacy & attaining power/luxury in the long run. 

☍ You could end up marrying an influential person or help create businesses with your partner(s) leading to a lot of success. 

☍ It is advised not to fall for the bad-boy/bad-girl types, or to jobs that clearly have toxic work-environments. If blessed with a healthy relationship/work it is also advised not to take advantage of/manipulate the partner(s)/situations (at worst, at the very least), not to self-destruct/sabotage and miss out on good opportunities.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant 

☌ Another personal fav Ascendant aspect of mine. This aspect screams *Power*. 

☌ There is a deep need to control one’s personal image & the way others view you. Ultra-Perfectionistic. 

☌ You are tenacious, a go-getter with no boundaries strong enough to hold you back.

☌ There is a strong sense of self (even in 12H) that keeps you inspired through tough times (which are many).

☌ Pluto seeks intimacy & secrecy which becomes a priority with this aspect, keeping both yourself and your personal relationships hidden away and out in the open (in a more controlled setting) only when you feel necessary.

☌ You will go through intense changes in life, in self & in character yet each time you come out transformed into a higher & better version of yourself, which can be a sight to behold.

☌ Extremely independent, you hate to be in situations where you are being “managed”, worse, controlled by anyone. Sometimes this deep paranoia can cause a lot of tense situations in inter-personal relationships. 

☌ If ever in a place/situation of being controlled, you might live the rest of your life feeling resentful and this could easily spiral out & cause destructive (physical/psychological) behaviors.

☌ On the flip side, you might wish to control others around you, especially those you care & love, which can prove to be disastrous since Pluto is also one of the key planets of karma (after Saturn), so any wrongdoing will backfire.

☌ There will be many sudden events in your life that will put you through painful cycles of self-discovery (especially if Pluto is in 12H), in worse cases, relating to death/violence/addictions (usually from others) leading to paranoia/suicidal thoughts/physical & substance abuse. 

☌ Detail-oriented, workaholic, with great ambitions and even greater drive for success. Your intense & intimidating personality will attract a lot of admirers (an obsessive fan base even) & haters in equal amounts. This is one of the many aspects of immense fame and stardom after all.

☌ Your magnetic, alluring, fiery personality can garner many suitors who are (usually) obsessively attracted to you. 

☌ You can be hard on others but the hardest on yourself which not many will ever be able to comprehend.

☌ So you will have to learn moderation while exerting your personal power.

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