Total Solar Eclipse in Aries + Mars & Saturn Conjunction in Pisces | April 8 + 10, 2024

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April starts with Mercury stationing retrograde in Aries on the 1st, a spectacular Total Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 8th, along with a profound array of Conjunctions. Two of which are what I call “The Mighty Conjunctions” of 2024. Let’s unpack the Total Solar Eclipse and some of its effects on your Natal Chart through each sign & house. 

This eclipse starts with Moon meeting the Sun & Chiron in Aries who are all making an exact Conjunction at 19°. Right from the start, one of the few things that this eclipse highlights the most will be the areas of your life that have been stagnant for quite some time now. 

So, you can expect a good sudden shake up or even a dramatic turn of events related to those areas. This can also indicate to your own frustrations that can boil up to the surface. If you have been feeling like there is a pressure building deep inside you with regards to certain things that you want to take action on but for whatever reason you haven’t been able to get started

or if you felt stuck especially in the last 5-9 years, this will be like an explosion of your own repressed energy. 

The recent Chiron Conjunction to North Node in March was one of the breakthroughs that we desperately needed. You might have noticed, how leading up to that conjunction and right after, we have been working on our healing a lot more earnestly without even realizing it. This is one of the beauties of Chiron’s influence in Aries, which has helped us to face our own challenges, fears & things that we were too petrified to deal with before. The Lunar Nodes’ Transit in Aries & Libra has also bought back the focus on our inner masculine & inner feminine in the past few years. Healing our inner masculine through the support & compassion of our inner feminine and vice versa has hence been a big theme. 

Aries is where we understand the “I Am” of our identity. we are gently addressing Any wounds with regards to our sense of self, capabilities & ambitions. In a way, we are rediscovering the true depth of who we are and what we wish to achieve through our own passions. Some wounds with regards to any failure that you have faced in past will surface up during this time. This can also bring up memories of when you had to give up on your true identity in order to fit into somebody else’s idea of who you are. The wounds can mainly focus on your individual identity and your personal freedom. 

Also to mention, if you are spiritually inclined, working on your Solar Plexus Chakra will do you wonders right now. If you have sudden Headaches or this feeling of a compression in your skull, do take it easy and rest as much as you can. If you suffer from migraines, I hope you are well, if not please take precautions.

Sun & Moon are exactly Conjunct Chiron during the eclipse and it can indicate to a whole new feeling of being reunited with yourself again. Look forward to the next six month, especially if you are starting something new or planning to start something new, you will have life changing inspirations & realizations around this time. If you have let go of some really heavy past baggage during the recent Lunar Eclipse in Libra, you might feel like you have left behind quite a huge part of life somehow. Sudden dissolving of relationships can make you feel lost & directionless.

All the critical changes that you have made with regards to your relationship dynamics, your ideals about healthy partnerships, and even letting go of toxic cycles & pattern, are making room for “the new you and new connections” to come into your life. But this journey can feel lonely for the moment, since when we are breaking out of relationships that were built on codependency, complacency or trauma bonding. So, it’s reassuring to know that, we will eventually regain our confident in ourselves again.

Your triggers will push you towards rediscovering who you are and what feeds your passions & ambitions, along with your emotional needs as to what does independence mean to you, what makes you feel confident, how you stand in your power and lead others. If you have been dealing with identity-related issues, now you might hit a breakthrough and start to feel whole within yourself again. So, this eclipse will help you understand the power of self-reliance and the thrill of independence that you might have forgotten during the past few years when dealing with serious issues in life. Now you will have enough room to reintegrate your authentic self in a more balanced & healthy way, this time without the projections of others or their pressures of expectations, which can restore your confidence & make you feel more self-assured.

Mercury is Conjunct Sun, Moon & Chiron at this time, which can mean that you will have exceptional insight & major realizations with regards to many aspects of your life. There can also be some painful truths that come out with regards to certain people or situations. You can even have heartbreaking self-realizations. But all these revelations will help you heal some of those deep wounds from your past. So, this can prove to be a significant time in your life for major healing & recovery. 

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you can draw in some compassion & self-love from the Neptune Venus Conjunction. Because, Mars is now in Pisces Conjunct Saturn (who are just 2° shy from an exact conjunction that will happen on 10th of April). Saturn’s Conjunction will demand a lot of emotional maturity from us. So, we will need to stay in control of our emotions no matter how chaotic or unpredictable things may become. But, it can mean that we will be prone to feeling ashamed of any emotional outbursts like anger or rage, which are natural emotional responses. 

So, give yourself some time to reflect and avoid overly criticizing yourself for your actions around this time. But, at the same time, stay conscious of your reactions in tense situations. 

It is best not to initiate any tense conversations around this time, if anything for the entire month until Mercury Rx in Aries ends. This is not the time for heated confrontations. If there are issues to be resolved, make sure to address it with as much maturity, patience and calmness as possible. Pisces has a lot of wisdom stored within, it’s the point of culmination after all. Saturn will extract that for the next two years. So, don't hold back on speaking your mind and let truth be your guide. Even if the other person or people are uncomfortable with what you are saying, they will know that you know what is truly happening. Be factual and a little bit rational instead of emotional, this way you can avoid being reactive. Do everything after seeing the bigger picture now, your words & actions will greatly affect everyone around do. 

You might feel that you are “stuck between a rock and a hard place” right now. That whole “pressure creates diamonds” kind of process is likely happening in your life. But it is also pushing you towards major awakenings within yourself. So, you will have no choice but to be extra resilient now. Saturn in Pisces is highlighting certain karmic issues & relationships. Breaking away from intricate karmic ties is not always easy. It will need patience & delicateness to overcome and finally break free from them. 

You might feel that your old self is fading away and that can naturally kick in an identity crisis making you feel as if you are losing control over your life. But, all the more, trust this process and you will see clear signs of a whole new powerful version of yourself emerging from all of this. So, the next six months in particular will play an instrumental role in you claiming your power back and taking control of your life once again. Your ego will be balanced & healthy, along with a crystal clear vision of your path ahead. 

Mercury Retrograde will last until the 25th of April, so try your best to stay patient throughout this month when things start to slow down significantly. Take your time to reevaluate your triggers right now. Especially, if you have been stuck or restricted in certain situations, this can help stay focused & to strategize new plans. Because, Saturn Conjunct Mars in Pisces will bring intense triggers to ultimately rebuild your confidence again. It will make you face your fear of failure, and remind you of your ambitions to motivate you and break free from the chains of past disappointments. 

It is also important not to rush into anything when you are frustrated or anxious around this time, since the massive release of Mars & Aries energy right now can feel extremely chaotic to handle. Especially since, we have felt held back and powered down for the past few years. Give yourself sometime to process the situation that you are in right now. Accept the situation for what it is. Try not to make desperate moves even if you are in restrictive situations. Instead, make solid plans and focus on breaking out of those situations as methodically as you can. Believe me, this will help you to manifest a much quicker transition out of anything that is holding you back. You will claim your independence and take authority over your life again.

This will be a wonderful time for rebranding your “self identity”, even your professional identity. 

In many ways, you will move past a previous version of yourself and leave behind any fear, self-doubt & insecurity as a result. Collectively, we are all entering a whole new reality, which will first show up in our sense of self. Paradigm shifts are taking place as we speak. This spring seems to be so much more exciting. I hope we carry this positive energy moving forward.

Now, legs briefly discuss how this Solar Eclipse will affect each sign, and it’s best to check your Rising Sign, but this will also relate to your Sun & Moon signs. If you know exactly which house 19° Aries falls into, you can look into the houses as well, I’ll mention them along with the signs. 

Aries / 1H

Don’t be too hard on yourself Aries, you are doing great. There is new vitality coming into your life. Feel the inspiration and confidence surging through you. New direction in life will open up soon, if not already. You have done an amazing job at healing your inner child wounds for the past few years. Hope you are feeling extra proud of that. Your health can see a little shake up but you will find your balance soon enough. Make the most of this eclipse, there are positive things entering your life as we speak. It’s your season Aries, so, be optimistic about your future. 

Taurus / 12H

Are you trying to ignore a very apparent problem, Taurus? I know it’s not like you, since you are so grounded & practical, but, you can also be very stubborn about holding onto things for way too long sometimes. If something or someone has been a burden, things just seem to have come to a halt and it has been stagnant for quite some time now, be honest with yourself Taurus, and let it go. But, if you have already let go of such karmic ties, be assured that you will soon frolic through the doors of abundance. Things will start moving again, especially after mid-April, so gear up Taurus, prosperity is ahead. Also, take as much rest as you can around the time of eclipse, since it’s happening in your 12H, it will very be exhausting. 

Gemini / 11H

You are breaking out of a mental prison Gemini, finally. If you run your own business or have a good network, make the best use of them for your monetary goals. I would suggest that you take your time in making any plans and wait until the end of April before you start anything new. Your natural ruler Mercury is in Retrograde after all, so let’s wait until he stations direct again. But Otherwise, this will be a wonderful time for you, you can feel relieved from persistent mental exhaustion. New connections & friend groups are likely now. Also, try not to get distracted by the past. Work on your career goals Gemini, make plans to build your empire. Saturn & Mars are in your 10H now after all, you will have all the motivation to do so now. 


Take a deep breath Cancers, this will be a big eclipse to deal with. So many changes have recently taken place in your professional life, and this one will be major. You have been working towards career milestones. Your vision is on point and your eyes are on the prize. All that extra stamina that you are feeling right now will help you climb higher than ever before. But, if you haven’t already set specific goals, I recommend that you do. If this isn’t particularly about your career, this can be about your public image, popularity or even social status. Make the best out of any major ambition that you are pursuing or planning to pursue now Cancers, you will see great results for all that hard work within the next six months. 

Leo / 9H

Leo darlings, the past few years were exhausting and confusing, you might have felt like you lost your way and may be even lost your faith a little. Amidst all the distractions that you are still going through, you are beginning to see clear skies now. A whole new purpose in life is likely driving you back to your magnificent self Leos. The good news is, those annoying little distractions will soon dissipate and you will be able to streamline your thoughts & actions once again. Embrace this journey Leos, you will soon hit a breakthrough. Focus on your money as well, if things have been slow or unpredictable, you will soon receive great rewards for your hard work. 

Virgo / 8H

This eclipse will be a painfully liberating one, Virgo. I’m sorry to put it that way, but you probably know what this is all about. You have been through the thick of it for so long now Virgos, just a few more steps and you will see the light breaking through the end of this dark tunnel. A whole new life that you have manifested through your own transformation, you will be super proud of yourself. This has been a lonely journey in a way, but you will start to meet new people & walk into situations that feel close to your soul again, so hang in there. Money & inheritance issues will likely get resolved, idk if that will be positive or negative, since Karma is playing a huge role in this. But, know this much my loves, your good heart will win in the end, and what is owed to you will be yours.

Libra / 7H

So much tension in your private life Libra darlings, hope you are taking care of yourself, because this will be a little exhausting. Your relationships are certainly going through major changes now. If you feel that you are finally brave enough to follow your heart’s desires with regards to life in general, then know that, all that healing you have been doing for the past few years is finally paying off. Sudden proposals & engagements are likely in the near future, on the other hand, there can also be separations & divorces as well. Either way, Congratulations Libra, you are ready to step into a whole new stage of your life. Your career needs most of your attention now. Monetary situations will start to look up soon as well.

Scorpio / 6H

You are all about that bag my sweet Scorpios, so shake ups in your career & finances are likely already driving crazy. But, don’t be worried darlings, your intuition is already nudging you to make all the right decisions, so you will be just fine. It would also be a good thing to focus on your health right now, so try not to over work yourself to the point of exhaustion. A few days of guilt-free breaks can help you reset. If you are currently working towards stabilizing your finances in order to focus on your private life, you will be able to do so darlings. With the Jupiter Conjunction to Uranus in your 7H, directly or indirectly, your love life will be the main focus for the next few months after all. Stay positive & grounded. Secure the bag and if your sights are on it, the ring too.

Sagittarius / 5H

You have been feeling unlike yourself for quite sometime now, Sagis, and frankly it’s heartbreaking to see you like that. Things have been way too serious in your life for the past few years and it’s not really fair. You have been hard at work and even more focused on your home life & stability. Challenges have been popping up left, right and center. All this tension has likely affected your confidence lately. Your passionate side has been screaming for a breath of fresh air, and this eclipse will bring you that much-needed-break. You will feel like your spark is coming back, Sagis. Moreover, you will hit success soon for your tireless hard work as well. Happiness and lighthearted fun will slowly slip into your life again, darlings. The next six months will be a wonderful time for celebrations.

Capricorn / 4H

You and the other cardinal signs have been going through the rough patch of this North Node transit for over a year now, not to mention Pluto’s intense transit in your sign as well. Your focus is taken away from career, due to the many shake ups that are taking place in your home life, it has been quite a challenge for you to stay distracted from your career goals. You want the absolute best for your loved ones, but you might also be panicking a little about if you can truly give that to them or not. Your perspective is shifting about your role in your family and personal life, so gracefully allow it to shift, my loves. You will also see some important personal breakthroughs which will make you more inspired and confident. Take care of your mental health, break away from anxious over thinking and negative mindsets. You will be busy in your career endeavors soon, so prepare yourself to be optimistic and take on the world, my Capricorns.

Aquarius / 3H

Your whole world is changing, my Aqua babies, and it is all happening in your mind first. The past few years were instrumental in breaking you free from any outdated world-views and now you are seeing life through a much less complicated yet funky pair of glasses. You have been acing these lessons so far and the coming months will only add more delight to your ever-curious mind. Just make sure that you don’t get too distracted and try to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Be productive by putting all that you have learned so far into practical use. Start new ventures & projects that will help you build something new, since your finances will need your attention after all. So, focus on building stability right now. Even through some external pressures, you will have fun with this, I promise you. 

Pisces / 2H

Pisces, you haven’t been able to catch a break have you? First Saturn & now Mars in your sign. Your finances have held all your focus for the last year in particular. Your fears & insecurities have been instrumental in making you more aware of your monetary goals. You are right at the threshold now, darlings, keep pushing. Any limiting beliefs with regards to money are breaking away now. If you are starting new projects, you will slowly start to see the results. Your money will grow with every step you take towards those monetary goals, Pisces. Be bold, and extra confident in your ideas now, you are right on track, any adjustments that you need to make, you will be able to handle them, all well in time. There is a whole new era of prosperity starting for you now, make the most of it, my loves. Walk into your abundant life fearlessly, your honest efforts will pay off soon. 

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