Venus Conjunct Uranus & Jupiter in Taurus • May 18th & 23rd, 2024 Transit Astrology

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We recently had a Jupiter - Uranus Conjunction in Taurus at 21°. Now, we will have Venus & Uranus Conjunction at 23°, followed by a Venus & Jupiter Conjunction at 29°. May has been a wonderful month with many activations to the recent Jupiter - Uranus Conjunction: First, the New Moon in Taurus that happened on May 8th, then Sun Conjunct Uranus that happened on May 13th, later Venus Conjunct Uranus that happened on May 18th. So there is a lot of Taurian Goodness in the air. With that also comes a touch of extravagance, the need for comfort, sometimes even luxury. This can make us all more concentrated on our stability, especially our Financial Stability. 

But, it can also make a little bit too restless and feeling a little ungrounded (especially since Pluto is Retrograde in Aquarius right now). We are already seeing the instabilities happening in the global economy, which can either make us a little too cautious in how we are spending our money, or it can do the opposite (with Uranus in the mix). It can make us spend a lot more money than we were planning on. Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus is a very tricky aspect. Around the last 10 days of May, there will be this urge and desire to buy new things. Even if it is not something as drastic as impulsive online shopping, it can still bring out these feelings of goodness & stability somehow. But, it can also make us loose track of our budget very easily. Before we know it, we might be burning holes in our pockets. This is indeed a very risky energy to deal with. Of course, make allowances for some splurging. It is a good time to splurge on ourselves & our loved ones (Taurus Season . But, a bit of caution can help us a lot). It is a wonderful time for online shopping, purchasing tech related things, and upgrading your whole entire lifestyle in a way. But, make sure that you are not spending a little too much or loosing track of all your purchases. 

Try not to make major commitments & investments without thinking things through. (! This is not me trying to fear monger or point fingers πŸ€—!). But, it is advised to take calculated risks right now, instead of jumping into things that seem exciting & adventurous. (All I’m saying is…) Taking calculated risks will be a lot more feasible than making big promises to even yourself. It’s that Jupiter energy!!! Particularly, with the Venus & Jupiter Conjunction that is happening right around the end of May. Jupiter can bring out this exaggerated amounts of confidence in oneself & others. Even if you are dealing with Business Partners or Acquaintances who seem to be promising a lot but don’t have much to bring to the table just yet. Maybe, believe in them but not if you already don’t have a trusting relationship with them.

This is a very tricky (ik, it bares repeating) alignment of planets, especially in Taurus. Since, Taurus doesn’t appreciate uncertainty, and definitely not impracticality. So, maybe a bit of assuredness in your own words & actions, also expecting the same from others will do you a lot of wonders, all while giving you that sense of stability & certainty (rather than the guessing game, or “do you trust me or don’t you” kind of back & forth). Things will improve as Pluto makes a good Trine to Jupiter in Gemini and comes back into Aquarius by the end of this year. But… until then, maybe it’s best not to make really big commitments (financially) around this time. Just be a little too cautious & mindful of who you are partnering up, and what kind of risks are you willing to take. Since, these are kind of desperate times for all of us (and I understand the urge to find that sense of stability). Uranus will transit in Taurus until July 2025, so these financial instabilities happening on a global scale can bring up fears & insecurities, that can drive us into a little (uk) risk taking behaviors. 

So, as important advise: make long term goals, they will give a lot more reassurance and also purpose. Specifically, plan your financial goals keeping in mind a timeline until July 2025, since it’s amazing how Venus will make a Conjunction with Jupiter at the end of May (May 23, 2024) and a Conjunction with Uranus next year on July 4th, 2025. Those Conjunctions happen at 29° of Taurus, which is quite special, since those are the last Conjunctions of Venus to Jupiter & Uranus individually before they move into Gemini. Both of these (exact) Conjunctions happen at 29° of Taurus, which is a special degree in and of itself, since it relates to Leo. Hence, make BIG Plans and work on them, you will have all the resources that you need. There is so much prosperity ahead. This moth is quite special, with so many things happening in Taurus along with so many activations happening in Taurus. 

There is just, a great potential to manifest your dreams & desires now. Things may seem a little stagnant or delayed, or even feel a little difficult in the beginning, the road initially might seem a little bumpy. But, things will get on track relatively soon. So, keep executing your plans. Take your time, go as slow as you want, or speed up when you feel it’s the best thing to do. With Mars & North Node Conjunction (along with Chiron) happening in Aries around the same time, there is So much potential to explore especially when it comes to finances. Direct your focus towards your financial goals and plan wisely (has to be said, with Jupiter & Uranus in the mix). Karmic blessings will come your way as well. Since, every-time Jupiter leaves a sign & enters another sign, he tends to give massive Karmic Rewards (by next July in 2025 we can expect the same from Uranus). So, manifest to your heart’s content. 

If you have ideas & plans to invest in things that grow overtime, like your business or your career, even your lifestyle. Things that just improve you & your life as a whole; Things that get you closer to your goals, then that’s excellent since this Venus’s Conjunction to Uranus & Jupiter brings the very best out of us. Being resourceful will be a lot more easier around this time, and the results that we get out of these actions & the productivity that comes out of these inspired actions will be incredible (overtime). So, even if these are just ideas to invest, improve or to put your efforts towards things that seem long term, that grow with time & give back to you, and multiply overtime; Then, please go ahead, work on them, plan as much as you feel comfortable and take action. Since, this energy will keep pushing you towards taking that action. So, you’ll likely be a little restless & enthusiastic.

Dream big and outlandishly, yet be a little careful with your spending, earning & budgeting. This is going to be a major turnaround for all of us, although the fruits of our labor will come a little late, we will just have to wait & be patient for all the good things that are on their way towards us. 


This season, 

Optimism + Caution + Conscious Decisions = Luck + Prosperity. πŸ€✨

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