Saturn Retrograde in Pisces June 29 to Nov 15, 2024 Transit Astrology

Rebalancing Karma, ☯️ Re-Stabilizing Life. 

Auspicious time to naturally end old cycles & begin anew. Major endings in tough cycles & life lessons (especially karmic). Donations & other such charities can bring a sense of spiritual gratification. This can also mean that we need to “clean house” in our life. 🧹 Likewise, tying up loose ends in certain situations can prove to be counterproductive if we haven’t fully learnt the lessons &/or we aren’t being honest about the situation. 

Only patching things up or sweeping things under the rug without fully contemplating the lessons can backfire on us. πŸͺ in ♓️ will only make it harder for us to move onto a new stage in our lives if we haven’t done the necessary work & introspection. So, these next few months can bring opportunities to genuinely fix said situations, to do & be done with your part of the responsibilities (which can be the same for others involved as well). 

This is the time to deal with complicated issues one step at a time, with patience & persistence. Delays can slow us down significantly, but also help us gain clear perspective on how to move forward in those areas more effectively. 🐘 Facing fears & insecurities. Self-reflection will be inescapable for the next year or two indeed. 🧘🏻‍♀️

Careful with the kind of contracts that you are signing, it can be long term & burdensome or fulfilling, so pay extra attention to the commitments you are willing to make around this time. Great time to end old burdensome contracts (legal and/or karmic) ⛓️‍πŸ’₯ and begin new chapters that bring more peace & tranquility. Revisit old projects (especially if unfinished or not up-to your satisfaction before) and breathe new life into them. Wonderful time to commit to work, career & personal goals. Also good for shadow-work, trauma recovery & therapy. 

Reaching a new stage in life πŸ—️ Renewed commitment to success on all levels. 

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