April 3, 2023

Mercury moves
into Taurus

April 5, 2023

Sun Conjunct

April 6, 2023

Full Moon
in Libra

April 6, 2023

Transit Mercury
Conjunct North Node
in Taurus 🌈✨

Mercury has just entered the sign of "beauty and practicality" making a Conjunction with the North Node at 4 deg. This marks the last Mercury - North Node conjunction in Taurus for the next 18 years.

April 11, 2023

Venus moves
into Gemini

April 20, 2023

New Moon
into Aries

April 20, 2023

Total Solar Eclipse
in Aries πŸ”₯✨

It's officially eclipse season (with Mercury Retrograde starting just a day after), which means it's "breaking season": phone screens, vehicles, machines, glass & such items, habits/addictions, karmic cycles, toxic connections, hearts. So be careful about some, and grateful for others. Since, destiny is at play and things are likely to be out of our control.

April 20, 2023

Sun moves
into Taurus

April 21, 2023

Mercury Retrograde
into Taurus 🌷✨

This summer, a particularly significant Mercury Retrograde starts on April 21st right in between two powerful eclipses. With Total Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 20th and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on May 5th bringing in intense energy shifts, if you felt a sudden drop in your energy levels, feeling particularly drained and lethargic.

April 24, 2023

Sun Conjunct
North Node

April 27, 2023

Mars Square

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