July 2 to Dec 7, 2024

Neptune Retrograde
in Pisces 29° πŸ•Š️✨

Time for deep-introspection & Self-reflection. Facing fears & insecurities with honesty. Temporary phase of heightened confusion followed by a gradual shift in perception. Clarity shines a light on confusing & convoluted situations. Need for grounding. πŸͺ΄ Deceptions can come to light.

Masks can fall naturally, 🎭 where ppl who usually operate with ulterior motives expose their true intentions. Great time to untangle oneself from puzzling (seemingly never-ending) situations/cycles. Ending major cycles/patterns that don’t serve your highest good. Shift towards spirituality, that connects you to your true self.

Higher perspective & emotional maturity. 🐱 Focus on adequate rest & good health. Working on mental & emotional wellbeing. Finding peace in your life path. More energy spent to focus on productivity without many distractions. Careful dealing with people/situations that seem to draw you into negative cycles/patterns of behaviors that you have outgrown. Important time for significant soul evolution. 🌈

July 5, 2024

New Moon in
Cancer 14° πŸͺΊ✨

Positive mindset. Emotional Liberation from previously restrictive & painful situations/relationships. πŸ˜‡ Calming Internal Chaos. An unexplainable rush to go after your ideal goals can cause slight anxiety. Resolutions & clarity on stressful situations. Healing (starting to) from Ancestral Trauma. 🐣 (Beginning a journey) Breaking Ancestral Patterns/Cycles. Internal Peace & Tranquility Restores gradually. Focus on healthy foundations through family, home & personal relationships. Fond Childhood Memories & revisiting childhood dreams/ambitions.

Starting projects/businesses that bring joy & sense of stability. ❤️‍πŸ”₯ Progress in heart-based goals. Happy occasions & time spent with family/friends. Relax & take one step at a time if you are feeling overwhelmed by both the positive prospects & the potential hiccups ahead. Restful times & simultaneous preparations for big plans. 🌱

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