May 2 to Oct 12, 2024

Pluto Rx in
Aquarius & Capricorn ☘️✨

Karma will be served, divine intervention & timing. ❤️‍πŸ”₯ Unfinished Business resurface but more in intellectual & energetic ways. Old Power Dynamics can re-emerge now to be balanced/dismantled/overcome once and for all. Cycles from the last 10 years will try to make a reentry to be cleared out completely now. Face your fears & Shadow with your Inner Strength & tap into your Exceptional Power. 🧿

Fears, shame, guilt, etc. such dark emotions can become haunting. Prompts for Shadow Work. Dream-Time can bring invaluable insights. Increased emotional intelligence. Avoid self-sabotaging tendencies especially if you feel pushed towards survival mode in anyway. Heightened self-awareness. 🧸 Clearing of old burdens, detaching from toxic/unfulfilling connections, healing from deep-rooted trauma. Maintain your independence through Deep-Transformation & reclaiming your Personal Power. πŸ’Ž

This Pluto Rx (and the coming Rx’s for the next 20 yrs) will also feel a lot more like a Mercury Rx, so be prepared for little frustrations, technological glitches, not to mention the heightened sensitivity & exhaustive overthinking. 🎐 Aquarius/Scorpio/Leo/Taurus in early degrees & Capricorn/Aries/Cancer/Libra in late degrees will feel this Rx a lot more intensely. Make sure to close out old karmic tabs, emotionally & energetically. Since, November (& onwards) will bring you great new beginnings & blessings. πŸ”‹✨

May 8, 2024

New Moon in
Taurus 18° πŸ’✨

Serenity. Natural ease in connecting back to ourselves. Finding peace in the chaos of positive change. Relax with some much needed self-care, something that gives you a sense of purpose and calm all at the same time. Slow down and focus on what’s right in front of you. There will be more movement in the coming weeks, so prepare and be ready. 🌼

New Moon activates the recent JxU Conjunction at 21°. Clarity in your plans and setting clear intentions. Future-focused while being grounded in the present. Effortlessly centered. Be productive today with the time to brainstorm. Expect Incredible Insights and Intuitive Messages. ⚡️ Wonderful time to plan for new career endeavors. Explore innovative ways to improve your finances. Focus on long-term growth & stability. Creative projects can inspire you now more than ever. 🌱

Connect back to your resourcefulness, resilience and steady determination. Self-love. Heart centered manifestations. Find ways to bring more comfort into your lifestyle and add a touch of luxury. There is so much joy & wonder in the here & now. πŸͺ­

With all your heart, Accept Abundance & Prosperity as your Birthright.

May 13, 2024

Sun Conjunct Uranus
Taurus 23° 🧩✨
(+ Saturn Sextile Venus)

Sun activates the recent JxU Conjunction. Brand new beginnings. Enthusiasm. Fidgety & overwhelming excitement. A little too restless. Extremely productive week. But, can also lead to burnouts. You are right on track, no need to hurry or rush the process. Trust in yourself. πŸ’— Authentic self-expression. Massive shifts in self-esteem & beliefs, leading to excellent new ideas. Take calculated risks towards things that you are called towards. Yet, take slower steps in attaining those Goals. More pieces to the puzzle will reveal themselves in the meantime. Positivity & Prosperity. πŸ’Ž✨

May 18, 2024

Mars Conjunct North Node in Aries 13°
+ Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus 23°
+ Sun Conjunct Jupiter Taurus 28°πŸͺ½✨

Mars Meets North Node in Aries for the last time, until the next NN ♈️ Transit (18-20 yrs). Venus activates JxU Conjunction. Sun meets Jupiter right before Jupiter enters Gemini. A lot going on at once indeed. Positive shifts, massive realignments. Incredible new beginnings, that can change our lives forever. Renewed optimism. Courage, Determination & Patience to go the distance. ❤️‍πŸ”₯

Spread your wings. Excellent time for new ventures. Make Money Goals, unapologetically. πŸ’° Excellent time for Manifesting your wildest dreams into reality. Bumpy ride for a short time but the leap forward will bring the best of opportunities. Love, happiness, prosperity & comfort. Focus on long term goals. Make room for blessings. Incoming Karmic Rewards. 🎁✨

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May 23, 2024

Full Moon 2°☘️✨

Positive & Uplifting. Grounded & Powerful Intuition. Tension between your logical mind & your subconscious knowing. Conflicting needs & wants. Feelings of instability on a material level, yet centered emotionally. Clear sense of purpose. Changes & Tweaks in Future plans. Wonderful revelations and insights. Embrace your confusions without getting lost in them, they hold the answers now. Divinely Inspired, Divinely Protected. πŸ”₯

Abundance Mindset. Believing is Seeing. Hold your Vision. Dream Big Goals, take practical steps to achieve them. Positive Affirmations. Luck & Prosperity come as ‘seeds of opportunities’. Optimism will guide you through the temporary murkiness. Gratitude will bring more happiness & success. Luck will follow you through every step you take. Self-Assurance and Confidence. πŸ”‹

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