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Venus Conjunct Ascendant

So effortlessly charming.
Usually considered as the epitome of a beautiful/handsome figure/face.
Every “friend” has a crush on you, and openly express their interest.
You know exactly what to say and get what you want.
Others may do things for you, bring everything you ask for etc., but you must never stop getting things by yourself through hard work and passion, so you don’t become unhappy later on in life (especially if Venus is in 1H, it's the house of Aries after all, the biggest “Imma do it all by myself” zodiac archetype along with Scorpio).
May need to work extra hard to be grounded in reality and understand that not everything revolves around you, i.e., tendency to become selfish. Pretty-privilege can make you a lil forgetful sometimes (especially if in 1H.)
If Venus is in 12H, this may not really be the case, you could actually be humble and sometimes even unaware as to where all this popularity is coming from.
You might become more known for how beautiful/handsome you are and be overlooked for any other note-worthy talents/skills/accomplishments.
Lucky with opportunities falling into your lap (like money & relationships).
Can live a luxurious life (if not born into it, you might work your way towards it).

Venus Square Ascendant

Extremely charismatic, sometimes you don't even realize the impact you have on others.
A lot of people may have a crush on you and not even tell you about it.
You either grew up being spoiled or had to work extra hard to get them (money/opportunities).
May need to learn how to balance between self-sacrifice and expecting others to sacrifice themselves in a relationship (friendships, business, romantic).
A tendency to become too vain, relying too much on your appearance etc. or you might despise everything that is only based on superficial beauty, no in-between.
You might wear a mask of a likeable person but struggle inside with many insecurities especially relating to physical appearance. It's important not to place your self-worth on how much others like you/find you attractive.
May become very self-conscious and worry about what others might think/feel about you. There's a need to learn how to let go of others’ opinions.
May attract a lot of envious/jealous people. Also, opportunists who may have Ulterior motives.
Need to be extra careful not to fall for fashion trends, diet fads, unrealistic beauty-standards, etc. It's okay to create your own fashion sense and not feel obligated to fit-in sometimes.
A lot of inner reflection may be needed especially if you that feel you need to people-please to keep up with others. You might just need to get away from superficial people around you and find true friendships/relationships who value you for who you truly are.
Your self-value and money matters are usually tied together. So, once you start appreciating and accepting your own self for the amazing person you are, money and luck will naturally surround you.

Venus Sextile Ascendant

You're Artistic and talented.
You may be surrounded by supportive friends and partnerships.
You may also be blessed with Rich/affluential associations.
You may lead a comfortable life, if anything a Luxurious one.
You have a good sense of self-worth, and a relatively peaceful inner fortitude.
You're stylish and have a keen eye for fashion.
May need to learn the importance of living within the means. Over-indulgence of money/food/leisure may cause all kinds of health and financial problems.

Venus Inconjunct/Quincunx Ascendant

^ Naturally charming, but this may also make you come across as vulnerable to others.
^ You need to be extremely careful not to fall into people-pleasing tendencies.
^ A lot of self-worth issues may be in desperate need to be addressed, either stemming from codependency issues or rejection/abandonment issues.
^ Also, you may need to re-evaluate some of the social norms/standards that may be forced on you or you thought were important to be socially acceptable.
^ You need to balance the give-and-take aspects of relationships.
^ Friends and a loud social life may not need to be all that important when surrounded by superficial people who drain you emotionally/mentally.
^ You must learn how to say “NO” and stand up for yourself. Your insecurities and self-doubt issues shouldn't mean that others can take advantage to your kind & compassionate heart.
^ May need to work on self-love before getting into any physical/committed relationships.

Venus Trine Ascendant

You're a Lovely person.
May like to keep up with the fashion trends if not even make some of your own.
Making friends left and right, you always have something nice to say about others.
May seem almost perfect as an individual, and make others question your ingenuity now and then.
You're sensitive with a big heart.
Good with money and could be/become wealthy with a commendable social standing.
May not like a lot of tense situations in your surroundings, you might wish to be in tranquil and cooperative environments.
Although you seem lucky and protected, sometimes you may need to look out for opportunists and scammers.
May have artistic talents/interests.
Need to stay away from people-pleasing tendencies when feeling insecure.
You are a great party host, since you love to make others happy.
But lack/excess of socializing can actually drain your energy.

Venus Opposite (Conjunct Descendant) Ascendant

May have a big friends-circle. Social & Outgoing. (Especially if Venus is in 7H)
Partnerships & relationships of all kinds are a vital part of your life.
May even become friends with many influential/resourceful people.
Lover of Arts.
You might have a tendency to seek approval from outside instead from yourself sometimes.
You could use your connections to gain status/fame. Caution not to do things with bad intentions, or just to please your ego/lofty ambitions.
You may become friends/lovers with important people just for the sole purpose of fame/money. Opportunistic tendencies. This could lead to scandals and such.
Or you might tie your self-worth to your relationships.
When you face & deal with your own insecurities and issues of self-worth, you will be able to see how easily opportunities of all kinds flow towards you. So, any efforts towards forcing/manipulating opportunities might just prove be exercise in futility.
Especially if Venus is in 7H, may indicate enjoying prosperous/long-lasting relationships & marriage(s). If Venus is in 6H, you could be blessed with peaceful & lively work environments/jobs.
You need to learn how important being genuine really is, and not to wear a mask or worry about what others may think of you so much.

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