Natal Midheaven MC and North Node Aspects Square Trine Opposite Sextile Inconjunct Conjunct Quincunx

Midheaven (MC) Trine North Node

△ One of the very few fortunate MC aspects, with many amazing accomplishments in store for your professional life.

△ It may be easy for you to tap into your true potential, and one of the many ways to do that could be through your career.

△ Since MC is in harmonious aspect to NN, MC being the highest point on the chart, this aspect could easily indicate Fame, that goes hand-in-hand with your career achievements.

△ There may be an element of destiny in your career path.

△ Your dedication and faith can lead you further in life with ease and little to no controversy (given that there aren’t other problematic aspects to say otherwise).

△ There may be a spiritual quality to your personality and your work that seems to draw a lot of people’s admiration.

△ People in positions of power and authority may have your back and support you on your path. 

△ You might easily get into positions of power and authority eventually (sometimes much sooner than expected) and be guided to fulfil bigger responsibilities. 

△ This aspect also indicates that you can be aware of your purpose in life and know how to better serve your role from a very young age.

Midheaven (MC) Inconjunct/Quincunx North Node

You might have had to choose your career path with the primary purpose of emergency or duty and not much from your own will or choice, or at-least that’s how it might have felt.

With time, you will discover your passion for the path you have chosen and begin to come to terms with it.

You might feel that you don’t feel inspired enough or are capable of handling the responsibilities you agreed to take on.

There may be a sense of confusion or anxiety that takes over while pursing your career path early on.

You may have to heal the parts of your that makes you feel unworthy or unmotivated, to progress further in your career and life in general.

Since what you thought was an obligation or as uninspiring might actually be your true calling in life which could help you achieve many things beyond your imagination.

You might have to work diligently and with much more dedication than others, which will eventually help you attain recognition & well-deserved respect. 

Your humility, charitable endeavors, down-to-earth personality, even your guiding skills will earn you much fame.

Midheaven (MC) Conjunct North Node

 A beautiful NN-MC aspect, nonetheless a rather difficult SN to deal with.

 You were born with a strong sense of destiny.

 Your early life could have been productive regardless of if it was stable or not, since you always knew that you were being guided by unforeseen events and forces towards a greater purpose in life.

 Your intuitive and spiritual side will help you further your career in many ways and keep you grounded throughout the ups & downs.

 Being opposite IC, it may be difficult to break away from your comfort-zone.

 You might have inner feelings of stage-fright which easily disappears once you make up your mind.

 Your family/home life can seem confining, regardless, you will find a sense of peace there whenever you feel overwhelmed. 

 Although there may be a danger of family taking advantage of your success/money/recognition (with other similarly troubling aspects). Either way, you might find it hard to leave what is familiar to you at first and may also have to overcome depression or other mental health issues stemming from subconscious fears about the future.

 You might find many destined opportunities to ascend through the career ladder much faster and gain immense recognition and fame.

 Your professional achievements may be viewed with high regard by others.

 One of the gifts of this aspect is that you are aware of your talents, and you may intuitively know how to work on your passions & find support from authority figures/affluential people.

 You may very well achieve many incredible things in life, including wealth and fame with every dedicated passion-project you pursue.

Midheaven (MC) Square North Node

 A harsh-reality-check-aspect, a difficult journey, with immense rewards at the end.

 There may be a lot of setbacks, disappointments, dead-end situations that you may have to face in your professional/career life early on.

 A lot of satisfaction may be found through family-affairs, home life, and being grounded in oneself than in focusing solely on career/work.

 This does not mean, to give up a professional life, or become a home/family person, but to strike a perfect work-life balance, and to stay humble yet assertive in both home & career lives, and not to ever get completely engulfed in either aspects of your life, which means workaholism or extreme procrastinations are both not recommended if you truly wish to find fulfilment in life.

 It is important to know where the NN is placed in this aspect, since, usually it is either conjunct Asc or Dsc and the clues as to how to negate this aspect lies there.

 Ex, if your NN is in 1H, you may have to work on your self-esteem and walk your life path independently, whereas, if NN is in 7H, you may have to learn cooperation, and build healthy partnerships who will better support & guide you in your career life.

 So, with this MC x NN aspect, (and in Opposition aspect), there is a clear need to follow ones' NN and make your career choices based on the paths that align well with your NN than to solely rely on the MC/10H.

 Whenever you face roadblocks, you will have to re-assess your choices/decisions without getting discouraged or caught-up in your ego.

 Moreover, since NN is squaring both MC & IC, you will have to rely on your NN. If you follow your inner-callings/intuition (NN), instead of your ego (MC) and/or your family's (if any) restrictive expectations (IC), you will find many fulfilling career opportunities which not only may elevate your social status (MC) and satisfy your family (IC) in the long run, but also help follow your spiritual life-purpose (NN). Creating Win-win situations out of roadblocks. 

Midheaven (MC) Sextile North Node

 One of the fortune MC aspects, with many blessings.

 You are extremely professional, yet humble in your approach to life.

 Recognition and fame come to you naturally, each career advancement is noticed and well-appreciated by others.

 Your career path(s) is always something that inspires you deeply and holds a much spiritual importance than that of just satisfying the ego.

 Your determination takes you to greater heights with ease, and you will remain humble without being tainted by power.

 Destined opportunities will help you elevate in the world; your dedication will win the support of those in higher positions.

 Your work may be inspiring to others.

 This aspect can also indicate fame and popularity, with a good social standing.

Midheaven (MC) Opposite North Node

☍ This aspect can be overwhelming to some (depending on other aspects in the chart), since regardless of how many or if there are any placements in the 10H/conjunct MC, you’re always longing to establish yourself in the world, and to find a purpose to fulfil in life, which with this aspect can become a little difficult to recognize & follow one's true calling. Since ones’ ego and sense of pride (MC) is muddled with uncertainty and feelings of general dissatisfaction no matter how much effort is put into it. 

☍ With other aspects encouraging this, a sense of urgency in attaining power or career recognition may become a detriment to your public image.

☍ Generally, you may have to assess and realign your passions to a much personal/private sense and be grounded in your approach before diving head-first into your career path(s).

☍ Also, there may be a danger of mental health issues and general dissatisfaction in life to self-sabotage your career life.

☍ If your family/childhood life was uncertain/insecure in the past, you may have to work on establishing that stability which will further help you pursue your life-purpose.

☍ This being one of the key aspects in the chart, life-lessons may be harsh and anything you do/say without grounding yourself or solving your subconscious issues will likely be detrimental to your professional life.

☍ You may be prone to pessimism and negative projection.

☍ You will be forced to humble yourself, and approach life with a positive mindset, until which distractions and other destined events will keep affecting your public image.

☍ For example, the lessons could even come to you as fame & fortune, where you’ll be handed opportunities, but you might feel compelled to act out of character due to all the triggers that may come with those opportunities, eventually sabotaging both your career path(s) & your reputation.

☍ When you do muddle through all the lessons, you will find many rewards with each cycle you complete, helping you further in your life.

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