Natal Neptune and Ascendant Aspects Square Trine Opposite Sextile Inconjunct Quincunx Conjunction Conjunct

Neptune Sextile Ascendant

✱ Sensitive, Creative, Generous. Your aura is mellow yet alluring.

✱ You love to meet/know people and cultures, study/practice spirituality and expect world-peace.

✱ You must always take your surroundings & the people near you into careful consideration, since you can attract all kinds of people/situations towards you without even meaning to, and most won’t always be in your favor (deceitful / low-vibrational / energy vamps / etc.).

✱ Your general personality can have a slight spiritual bend to it, and most will admire your positive mindset.

✱ You are talented and can expect to develop a lot of your potential with diligence over-time.

✱ You can easily be affected by negativity/negative mindsets from outside sources and will thrive well in positive & inspiring environments.

✱ Your charitable side and activism will be well-recognized and appreciated.

✱ It is advised to choose your inner circle carefully, since you are extremely sensitive to those around you, so make sure only the right people have access to you.

✱ Your profession must be creative and spiritually guided, this way you can make great progress and many people will regard your work as inspiring.

Neptune Trine Ascendant

✱ Kind, compassionate, endearing.

✱ With your friendly & open-minded attitude, you attract a lot of people, and you may be adored & admired by many.

✱ This Neptune-Ascendant aspect, much like Conjunction, may make you prone to being extremely sensitive to environmental factors, like subtle changes in weather, smells, even others’ emotions & intentions which could put your mind on overdrive trying to articulate what is real, & what is not.

✱ You are a hopeless romantic and seem extremely attractive to others, an alluring charm that not many may know how to resist.

✱ Talented artistically, you may find similar careers to be rewarding and they could even lead to popularity.

✱ Your professional life will help you express your spirituality & creativity with ease, this will be inspiring to others.

✱ Staying grounded and realistic could become a problem from time to time.

✱ Charity and activism come naturally to you.

✱ You likely have latent-psychic abilities, and a spiritual bend to your character which may make others feel drawn to you & to your positive aura.

✱ Any negative situations/people/environments can bring you down very easily.

✱ There may be a danger of substance ab*se and escapism with other aspects indicating the same, which could be solved through self-love, developing a strong self-esteem and healing the inner child.

Neptune Opposite Ascendant (Conjunct Descendant)

☍ This Neptune-Ascendant aspect can be particularly rewarding or troublesome depending on other aspects & the general attitude of the person.

☍ You are extremely empathetic, and sensitive to other people’s needs, sometimes to the detriment of your own.

☍ A simple & secure upbringing could help you grow up to be more grounded, otherwise, extra effort may be put into achieving a stable mindset & self-confidence will be important.

☍ For good or for bad, you try to look for yourself in others, especially in those you love & care about.

☍ In extreme cases, this could lead to over-idolizing, in all kinds of relationships, experiencing many toxic cycles & tolerating dangerous behaviors from others.

☍ There could be a danger of being influenced by the wrong people and/or substances.

You will need to protect your fragile & sensitive personality from devious people, and this could become a repeating lesson in your life. 

☍ A good 1H/2H placement(s) counteracting this aspect would help you understand yourself more easily. Either way, you will have to realize just how important finding oneself is, while others are important too, but being true to who you are will always keep you safe from unnecessary drama & potentially dangerous situations.

☍ A strong self-esteem can be achieved through your own reserves of spiritual understanding of life, although you will need to be cautious while relying on outer sources for spiritual enlightenment.

☍ You are always ready to fight for others, activism and charity are your natural calling. Although, it is advised not to fall into savior-mentality in any given situation and avoid self-sacrificing tendencies.

☍ You will need to be discerning while signing any kind of contracts, both business and relationships.

☍ Being realistic in relationships will help you avoid falling victim to deceitful, and dangerous partners. Although with other bad aspects suggesting the same, this could easily be vice-versa.

☍ This may be one of the many blessings of Neptune Conjunct Descendant. Well-mannered & supportive in nature, you could eventually find someone quite similar to you, the perfect partner. Two kindred spirits, which would seem like a divine partnership.

Neptune Square Ascendant

□ You are sensitive & shy, a big kind heart with a target marked on it.

□ A difficult childhood could have distorted your self-image and later life incidents only seem to shatter it into many more pieces.

□ Due to misunderstandings & lack of compassionate communication from parental figures, your experiences could have made you shy & avoidant in nature.

□ You may appear to be vulnerable to bullying, substance ab*se, scandals and codependent/ab*sive relationships.

□ Body image issues may be related to inner-child wounds, there may be a need for caution in trying to alter oneself in an attempt to pleasing others or filling the lack of identity. 

□ The more you hide your feelings, and refuse to express your feelings openly, the more misunderstood you may seem to others which could lead to many speculations & assumed versions of your true character from people, these misinterpretations further affect your own perception of yourself, and so the viscous cycle continues.

□ You are extremely empathetic, and your compassion knows no bounds, charitable endeavors will always make you feel like you are fulfilling a purpose beyond your own understanding.

□ Any fantasy based romantic relationships will always end up hurting you, at worse, may lead to ab*se. 

□ You could be exceptionally talented in arts, any hobby that helps you cultivate the Neptunian artistic qualities will help you find a way out of your own self-doubts and see the brighter side of the world.

□ Any efforts to healing your inner child will ultimately help you break out of any toxic add*ctions/relationships/self-image issues.

□ It is important not to fall into co-dependent habits/relationships, and instead choose uplifting people/surroundings to better help maintain a positive mindset & mental health.

□ Facing any attacks on character/image head-on, with a solid self-identity will be a painfully rewarding lesson throughout your life, leading you forward.

□ You will have to learn how to trust yourself and self-love will help you stay grounded & realistic enabling you to avoid painful situations in life.

Neptune Inconjunct/Quincunx Ascendant

Staying realistic & maintaining a positive mindset will be continuing lessons in your life.

You are incredibly compassionate, & you expect only the best for everyone around you.

But you could have a lot of trouble expressing yourself and conveying your emotions & talents.

Your early childhood could have been one of a few missed opportunities either because of your shyness, or lack of self-confidence.

You could have a distorted view on life and yourself, with no clear handle on your own identity.

You might find a lot of comfort in your own dream-world and lose out on the real joys of life.

Solidifying your self-confidence and believing in yourself more will help you immensely.

You have all the potential to lead a successful life and will have to learn how rewarding determination & positive thinking are.

Physical activities, being in nature, pets and other animals will be great ways to inspire yourself and also in coming out of your lazy/unmotivated spells.

Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

☌ One of the many Ascendant Conjunctions that can indicate immense fame and talent, with its own problems of-course.

☌ Your extremely compassionate & caring personality can draw-in all kinds of people towards you.

☌ A foggy distorted view of your life and yourself, since childhood. You can easily blend into any social environment and adapt quickly to situations, it is quite easy to live a lie, but anything that isn’t true to who you are will eventually eat at your psyche, hence you will have to solidify your own beliefs & self-confidence before heading into the real world.

☌ Your dreamy personality can be quite alluring, making others believe whatever you want to see and know about you, this can be a useful yet frightening quality depending on how you use it.

☌ You are ultra-sensitive to your surroundings, and you can pick up on energies without being aware sometimes, which could overwhelm you quite often, negative people & situations can affect you the most.

☌ Your senses are usually on over-drive; smells, sight, hearing, etc. A calming, inspiring environment will help you develop your character even further, since a negative one could have the opposite effect.

☌ Others often tend to project their insecurities onto you and vice-versa.

☌ You could either be positive, helpful & empathetic or shallow, mean-spirited & deceitful depending on the kind of opinions and mindsets around you that you intuitively pick up on and blend into.

☌ You may be blessed with many Neptunian talents, which includes morphing into different characters easily, helping you well in artistic careers. You can also delve into other Neptunian related careers and easily succeed.

☌ Being extra aware of your true character will help you stay compassionate.

☌ There may be a danger of addictive behaviors & lifestyles, body image issues, health issues and a weak immune system which may all be somehow related to your low self-esteem issues.

☌ You will need to learn how to blend your idealistic character with realistic plans and surround yourself with people who will help you see yourself truthfully, not just feed into your already distorted personality.

☌ Your psychic abilities may be well developed, spiritual outlook on life seem to help you stay grounded whenever you feel overwhelmed.

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