Eris & Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus | The Darkest Hour before the break of a new Dawn, Oct 28 2023


The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is probably the most significant and powerful eclipse that we have witnessed in recent times. :( I think it would be better not to focus this post on the current global events. It’s easier to see how this astrological climate is affecting our personal lives and to understand the nuances of the Transits’ effects on us. Since on a larger scale, the details get convoluted and denser to interpret). Focusing on this eclipse, we can see Sun, Mercury & Mars in Scorpio, opposite Jupiter in Taurus, along with Taurus Moon’s Opposition to Sun marking the beginning of the eclipse. Pluto is also a key player, as with the recent eclipses, along with the main star of the show … Eris. The dwarf planet Eris (currently retrograde) takes the centre-stage along with it’s tight Conjunction to the North Node in Aries (both at 24º)

Eris, is a dwarf planet who is associated in astrology with conflicts, chaos, ego & power struggles, anger & aggression. Since in mythology, Eris is the sister of Mars, who are both associated with War, Passion, and aggression, but Eris usually takes things up a notch. In the stories, she is often seen as an instigator of conflicts, divisions & power-struggles which often leads to disastrous outcomes. With Eris currently Rx in Aries also conjunct the North Node, we can expect conflicts, anger, ego & power hungry behaviors to escalate, causing destruction. There is a level of danger to how much we associate our identity with our ego, and Eris represents that very well. Eris in Aries transit in and of itself can bring out the worst in all of us when we are acting out of pure fear, confusion, misunderstanding & the need to protect our ego at all cost, the price however being too high, unfortunately almost all the time. 

This eclipse hence has the highest potential to bring out the worst in us, hence on a very personal level, we are likely to see those around us acting way out of character. If you have noticed a sudden shift in other’s attitude, behavior and even their manner of speaking, you might have felt a need to be cautious around them, almost as a subconscious survival mechanism. There may have be those around you (even those) that you have known for a significant amount of time suddenly behaving: uncharacteristically rudely, almost apathetic, ‘extremely’ hyper-critical, cynical, etc. to the point where it’s concerning. It’s very likely that Eris Conjunct North Node, Square Pluto (in Capricorn) is the reason why. 

Mars, Mercury & Sun in Scorpio being in Opposition with Jupiter in Taurus is hard enough to handle, and we now have Eris Conjunct North Node along with a Full Moon in Taurus leading to a Partial Lunar Eclipse, that’s certainly a recipe for heartbreak & disaster 😖!!! There may have been conflicts and ego-struggles with your loved one in particular that feel so exhausting. A sudden shift in relationship dynamics, where everything seemed fine a few moments ago and now the connections are hanging in the balance. There seems to be a serious & severe urge to move forward in life with regards to goals & ambitions, that can provoke us all into taking risks, making sudden moves, changing things out of the blue, often without much forethought. Even if you are not initiating such moves, there is likely someone you are connected to who is, and that can bring conflicts into your life.

There is also a general theme of empaths & those with relatively peaceful demeanors being targeted due to their character. Under this astrological sky, those currently struggling with a deeper sense of insecurity & fear based-mindset are likely experiencing huge triggers and their ego seems to be taking all the hits. If their confidence is crushed, or if they sense a threat to their ego, they are likely to become aggressively defensive at this time. (And I mean this in the kindest way possible, since we are going through harsh times. Although I don’t condone anybody’s rude behavior, we are at-least able to understand what’s triggering them). So, if you are an Empathetic person, and you are displaying any form of compassion or love, with no judgements or ego-based reactions, you are likely at risk of becoming a target, gaslit or being called naive, etc. :( at worst, a scapegoat). 

I know, and I understand how daunting & uneasy it sounds, but this is just the kind of times we are in, at-least until the year ends and we step into 2024 (when Eris & North Node are out of Conjunction), we will have to be a little too careful with how we handle tense situations, especially those that have a strong element of ego & power struggle. Since, such confrontations can either trigger our own insecurities & make us more vulnerable, or they can provoke us into defending ourselves fiercely. Eris, although an extremely rebellious & ego driven archetype, still represents “a necessary evil” in astrology. She often plays “the devil’s advocate” to bring out all the buried resentment & anger to help us understand our core wounds better. 

We might feel as if we are in survival mode, where we will have to defend ourselves and take matters into our own hands. Rationalizing & diplomacy don’t seem effective enough (South Node in Libra Square Pluto). There is an urge to take control over our lives, which is a positive manifestation of Eris in Aries, where we learn to harness our inner-strength and push through uncertain times, hence creating unimaginable breakthroughs in our life’s (especially over time). But, that can also make us vulnerable to our insecurities, to live life in paranoia, always anticipating an attack, an ultra-independent drive where we become too self-focused & self-reliant. This can even trickle down into our relationships, where we obsess over security & loyalty, misunderstandings even unwarranted accusations & conflicts become rampant.

So, you will likely see someone/people being atypically entitled of you & your love/loyalty, or they seem extra possessive & protective of you. This can also generally be out of resentment or repressed anger. There may be a hyper-fixation and self-righteousness issue in general. So, with the very last Taurus-Scorpio Lunar Node Eclipse of the season, this will be a good time to assess and determine which relationships are worth of your time, affection & energy, while which ones are no longer serving your highest good. With Neptune still in Retrograde (along with Saturn in Pisces also in retrograde), it is wise to take your time while analyzing your connections. But, since Eclipses usually affect us for about 6 months, we will see these themes play out in our lives for quite sometimes. Until we get to a common ground, we will have to protect our inner peace & compassion by standing up for ourselves when someone disrespects us or tries to pull us into an unnecessary ego-struggle. Since, whoever is dealing with their own shadow needs to battle their insecurities by themselves.

Hence, if you feel that certain connections (that are deeply affected by these Transits) are full of love, with the people who are truly & genuinely compassionate, who have a special bond of shared values, etc., although challenging, you will be able to move through this phase of your relationships successfully. You will be able to gain a better understanding into both of your inner wounds and hence the required healing, so the love grows stronger over time. Whereas, if you have always suspected someone/people to have such red flags, this might be the best time to release those ties. As I mentioned, again, although I don’t condone anybody’s bad behavior, we will just have to navigate through this time with our compassion, love & inner peace intact to the best of our ability. 

So, this period in time, we will be able to understand our own triggers much better. There won’t be room for denials or self-pity either. Since, regardless of if we are the ones embodying Eris’s blunt energy or someone else we are dealing with is, everybody involved will have to take responsibility for our own actions. Saturn is in Pisces, and will come out of Retrograde on Nov 4, at 0º Pisces. So, there will be a time of rebalancing and recalibrating, where those who fell into Eris’s aggression will be able to slowly recover from that ego-driven trance, and fully realize their own intentions behind their actions (again, debatably so, depending on who we are dealing with and what we are dealing with). We are indeed in the Darkest hour, right before the break of a prosperous dawn. Let’s hope for this haze to clear up and bring about a fresh new start. ❣️

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